Fundraisers Talk Cause Marketing – Dummies Style! [Book Giveaway]

316 pages of lessons, advice, inspiration and examples to guide your cause marketing success. That’s how Joe Waters and Joanna MacDonald describe their new book Cause Marketing for Dummies .

Joe and Joanna were clear on why they wanted to write this book. They wanted to share what they had learned developing a successful cause marketing program for a small, local nonprofit that wasn’t a Komen or St. Jude or Product RED, and that didn’t work with the likes of Walmart, Coca Cola and Nike. Joe and Joanna partnered with ordinary, local companies that were nonetheless committed to giving back to their communities – and looking for creative ways to do so.

That’s what Cause Marketing for Dummies is all about.

To bring small companies and nonprofits together for win-win partnerships, Joe and Joanna focused on three key themes in the book.

  • Traditional cause marketing. Coin canisters, pinups, percentage of sales, shopping days, etc. These are the tactics that will develop, build and sustain your cause marketing program. They cover them in detail and give you lots of examples of how they grew their program and developed best practices for nonprofits and businesses. Joe and Joanna brag they made all the mistakes! They learned from them and raised millions of dollars for their organization.
  • Cause marketing 2.0. In addition to traditional tactics, they investigated and experimented with all sorts of new digital programs that causes and companies could use. Facebook likes, Twitter hashtags, group-buying sites, Quora and online contests were just some of the tactics they used. They share their advice and experience with each of them and chart a course for your success.
  • The future of cause marketing. The future of cause marketing is inextricably bound to an emerging technology: mobile. Smartphones and mobile technology promise to change cause marketing forever. Location-based services like Foursqure, QR codes and even text messaging will lead the way in nonprofit and company partnerships. Cause Marketing for Dummies brings you up to speed and prepares you for the upcoming mobile revolution in cause marketing.

Are you ready? Good! Care2 and Wiley Publishing are giving away a free copy of Cause Marketing for Dummies. Leave a comment by Monday, August 15th, and one Care2 member will be randomly chosen to receive the book. If you would like  to buy the book, visit the Cause Marketing for Dummies book page and find links to buy the book and some other free stuff.

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    Kris G.
    Kris G.6 years ago

    I love the For Dummies books.

    K s Goh
    KS Goh6 years ago

    Thanks for the article.

    Jill C.
    jill c6 years ago

    Sounds like something I need to buy. An author friend of mine is running a Book-A-Month giveaway off her facebook page for Nick, of Time for her "Heroes of the Line" Child Abuse Prevention campaign. Her links go right to the e-book page on (she only charges 1.99 per book!) and she's going to give away a hard copy of the winner's choice each month till December. The December winner will get all four! And they'll be signed!

    She's giving away 30% of her royalties to the campaign because according to stats she said that approx 30% of children in America are abused daily, but that the numbers are misleading because that percentage comes from "reported" cases, so she figures it's probably about 70-80% and it only gets worse when the economy's in a depression which we are, make no mistake.

    Maybe I'll buy a copy of this and mail it to her publisher.

    Personally I'm doing everything I can to help this cause, everybody's so worried about abuses in other countries that the ones our own kids are suffering here are largely ignored. I've read all four of J.A.'s books, and thousands of mainstream novels, and I'll take hers thanks. She tells a good story, gives a reader what he or she wants and manages to create a sense of hope for tomorrow's kids, especially with Nick, of Time.

    Anyway thanks for the link to the Cause Marketing for Dummies! Next payday I just might buy it and send i

    André V.
    Andre Ventura6 years ago


    melanie blow
    melanie blow6 years ago

    This sounds like a great idea. I'm on the board of directors for a big-ish NFP, and I've been involved as a volunteer with two small nfp's dedicated to children's issues. It's very sad to see good NFP's flounder and fail because they're leaders know nothing about managing or fundraising for a NFP- they may know all there is to know about what it is they're trying to fix, but they don't know how to keep an nfp afloat. Hopefully, this will help.

    Jennifer C.
    Past Member 6 years ago

    Thanks for sharing.

    Heather K.
    Heather E6 years ago

    316 pages for dummies? Woh! But it sounds great.

    Maria L.
    Maria L6 years ago

    sounds like a great read! as someone that have rescue animals all my life I know that every
    little bit helps!

    Suzanne H.
    Suzanne H6 years ago


    Maria P.
    Maria P6 years ago

    This is just the book that I have been looking for to help me with fundraising for the organisations that I am involved with.