Gay Cupcakes? This Indy bakery says no way!

An Indianapolis bakery refused a cupcake order from a local university group after the owner took issue with the decorating request. What was so offensive?  Rainbow cupcakes.

A local Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI) group was looking for multi-colored baked goods to celebrate “National Coming Out Day” on October 11, 2010. The day, founded in 1988, focuses on raising awareness of the LGBTQI community, as well as providing safe spaces for individuals who are questioning their sexuality.

The owners of Just Cookies are husband-wife couple, David and Lilly Stockdon. Lilly Stockdon originally stated the bakery had “no cupcakes” as she gesticulated around her store. She also claimed that she did not have enough colors to accommodate the group’s rainbow design. However, her husband told a different tale. David Stockdon admitted that he denied the request, saying, “We are a family business and we have two young impressionable daughters. We thought it best not to do that.” He continued, telling reporters, “Just like we wouldn’t make a cookie with an obscenity.” 

The IPIUI students responded to this discrimination with hope. Rebecca Scherpelz, an IUPUI student said, “I just hope that what comes out of this is that there’s some dialogue and discussion on what we value in our community, how we share those values and how we interact with our community members.”

There seems to be a strong support for the LGBT community at IUPUI. The Chancellor of IPIUI, Charles R Bantz, is scheduled to give remarks in support of National Coming Out Day on October 7th. IUPUI has a website dedicated to supporting LGBT Faculty and Staff. The website exists to “provide network opportunities, educational forums and a voice with the administration” to staff who identify as LGBT. In addition, the school has a Gay-Straight Alliance to promote discussion and education about the LGBT community.

University students were able to find another bakery — The Flying Cupcake Bakery – who took the cupcake request. A spokesperson for IUPUI says the school has not registered a formal complaint against the bakery. However, a spokesperson for the Mayor of the City of Indianapolis has called the bakery’s behavior “unacceptable”, saying “it’s an equal accommodations establishment”. Radio Now’s “The Scotty Show” launched plans for the 1st Annual Gay Cupcake Party on Friday, October 1st, catered by the Flying Cupcake.

photo credit: thanks to alicia rae via flickr for the image


Annmari Lundin
Annmari Lundin7 years ago

Teresa Wlosowicz: I like your comment!

Danuta Glendenning: Straights can get their own hiding places or wait till we vacate the closets!

L E P.
L E P7 years ago

I hope the picture above is the "Flying Cupcake" offer it looks delicious. I am keeping Just Cookies on my books as a business I will never do business with even if they do change their mind. This is the 21st century, I can't believe we are still at issue over this, Gay/Straight issue. Ror me it is a matter of "to little to late", So I will never do business w/ Just Cookies, & will always recommend the "Flying Cupcake"....

Allan Y.
.7 years ago

Their reasoning was purely idiotic. They lost a customer, and received bad press on top of it. Was it worth it?

Teresa Wlosowicz
Teresa W7 years ago

Does a rainbow always mean homosexuality? If so, the weather is also sometimes gay. LOL!

Robin B.
Robin B7 years ago

Their reasons are terrible. They must have a reason that they have not yet expressed.

John P.
John P7 years ago

My brother in law and husband are gay, my wife and I have been invited multiple times to Guerrilla nights where gays contact a bar / restaurant / club and just pack the place on a given night to demonstrate the monetary power the LGBT community can wield. It is quite an eye opener.

Danuta Glendenning

Did you know that colors as a food additive create unnecessary toxins in your body?! Most people are already succumbing to corporation-age diseases; so that was a clever refusal for more than one reason. And that fad about celebrating sexuality is crazy, get a grip, get living; it's not all about sex. Why do you think straight people are not coming out of the closet? Sex, it's a private matter! Be who you are.

Lika S.
Lika P7 years ago

hey. psst. owners of the bakery... ssshhh. BOOH! Did the cupcakes scare you? Geez, they're gay, not contagious. I would understand not wanting to make cupcakes for a gang, but c'mon! These are for gay people.

Past Member
Past Member 7 years ago

does this mean that rainbow's after a storm or rain is a god symbol for homosexuality?.....

Janice P.
Janice P7 years ago

I appreciate that the owners of this business would refuse to make cookies or any other baked product, with obscenity on it. But, wow! To compare multi-colored cupcakes made for celebrating a GLBT event with obscenity - that is quite a stretch. I do not agree with that decision, but it is the choice of the individual business, I suppose. (On the other hand, the refusal to take and fill this order might be considered discrimination under the public accommodations provisions of Indiana state or Indianapolis municipal laws.)

Those who disapprove of this business' choice, can certainly vote with their dollars and refuse to patronize such vendors. I would do just that, if that bakery were in my neighborhood.