Gay Soldier Comes Out to Mom (VIDEO)


Randy Phillips, the 21-year-old gay airman stationed at Ramstein Air Force Base in Germany, has been recording a video diary about his journey as he comes out in the military. On the day of the DADT repeal Randy put out a live recording of a phone conversation where he came out to his father. His dad took it well. Now, Randy has released a recording of the phone call he made to his mother shortly after that — unfortunately she was less positive about this news.

Randy prefaces the phone call with the following:

“I don’t know if she’s going to take it as good as my dad. I think it’s going to be a little bit harder — she’s a lot more conservative. Much more traditional family.”

Indeed, Randy’s mother appears somewhat shocked by the news, voicing concerns over Randy’s “spiritual well-being.” Randy stands up for himself though saying he has always been this way and that he likes who he is.

Watch the video below:

We’ll continue to follow Randy’s video blog.

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Jane L.
Jane L6 years ago

Wow! It really took some serious guts to tell people, esp. people who matter most to him. I really admire Randy's confidence to stand up for himself and be ok with who he is. He's very fortunate to be surrounded by people who love him regardless.

Rosemary G.
Rosemary G6 years ago

I have no problem with the revelation on utube..This is a private matter and the mother may not be comfortable with a public revelation and may have wanted a more private revelation..
I still firmly believe that this is a private matter, like all sex matters and should remain that way..I am not interested in other people's sex life.. as long as it is not with children.
Then, I become a tigress...

K s Goh
KS Goh6 years ago

Thanks for the article.

Margaret G.

This fellow is brave to go public with that

Susanna C.
Susanna C6 years ago

Well said, Carolyn. I clearly had crushes on little boys in kindergarten and first grade, and all through elementary school, and not on girls -- till I was in junior high and had a kind of "crush" on a couple of my female teachers. Later, as an adult, I explored the possibility that I might be bisexual but found out clearly that I'm not. My original crushes turned out to be an indicator that I was straight, as I'm sure Randy's early attractions were an indicator that he is gay. So we can know these things very early on.

Carolyn M.
Carolyn M6 years ago

Richard, I knew I was straight long before I was 11 or 12. Shoot, I knew I was straight before I knew that there was such a thing as "straight" or "gay". To be more precise, I knew I liked boys before I was aware there was any other way for people to be. I"m pretty sure I'm not the only one who had little "crushes" in kindergarten.

Randy may not have known about "gay" and "straight" back when he was little. I'd guess he was like me - noticing the cute boy over there and not thinking twice about girls. Once he was older, he knew enough to apply a label to it. That's my guess.

Richard B.
Richard B.6 years ago

Gays always say they've known of their gayness from an early age. Well, I didn't know of my straightness til I was around 11 or 12. How can you know of your sexual preference from the age of 5?

Catherine A.
Cat A6 years ago

The conservative is tough to manage and this soldier knew what he would face with this mother and carried on. I pray she look to her mother love and beyond the rules of control.

Seabert B.
Seabert B6 years ago

Thank you Obama for helping to make another soldier happy.

Susanna C.
Susanna C6 years ago

What a strong and patient and caring young man Randy is!....with wisdom beyond his years and a deep understanding of what it means to be connected to others who love him. His confidence and concern for THEIR feelings amazes and impresses me. Thank God for his dad's good sense and open mind, and I think his mom will come around in time, because she clearly loves him. You go, Randy, and may you be blessed with a long and happy life!