Lacking a Mommy or Daddy is “Morally Wrong” [VIDEO]

Apparently it is “morally wrong” to be raised without a “mommy or a daddy,” according to one speaker at the Faith and Freedom conference this weekend.

Via Think Progress:

GARLOW: Our President gave a speech a few days ago in which he said, ‘the tragedy of 9/11 was that it robbed so many children of having a mommy or a daddy.’ Well, you know something Mr. President, your failure to defend marriage and to redefine marriage means that everybody who is under that redefined marriage will lack either a mommy or a daddy and that is morally wrong.

So, it seems only fair to conclude that if it is morally wrong to be raised without both a mommy and a daddy, that we must mandate that all divorcees, widows, widowers and never married parents must immediately marry a member of the opposite gender as soon as humanly possible after losing a previous partner or discovering a pregnancy. 

A month should be enough time to get things in order, right?  After all, we don’t want our children growing up in a “morally wrong” situation, now do we?


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Kathryn Terhune Cotton

Oh my god, guess I'm damned for all eternity. Well, at least I'll be meeting a lot of my friends in hell and have plenty of chances to make new ones too. Best of all, there won't be any of these self-rigorous morons there!

Catt R.
Catt R6 years ago

A child should be raised in a home that has love. This helps the child feel secure and reach their potential. Not every human paints love with the same brush, but without it a child would be adrift without direction in this world.

Randall S.
Randy Stein6 years ago

If God wants a child raised by both the mommy & daddy then why does He take the lives of so many mommies and daddies??? Breast cancers, drunk drivers, dying in war, prostate cancer, etc etc. etc. Guess He wants parents to be immoral by allowing one parent to die?? Bet this jackass doesn't have an answer for that, huh????

Lika S.
Lika P6 years ago

Oh, my. That sounds like these idiots that take part in this "Men's Rights Movement" on facebook. They whine about how misandry (violence against men) is so terribly, but they're such misogynists.

Anyway, my ex was a lazy bum, who refused to take care of himself, wouldn't help around the house, etc... He also was a thief and more. My son's education was failing, and didn't help with that either, except yell at him, his own son too, for wanting to eat breakfast or lunch while I was at work.

Guess, what? I divorced him, and my new guy has my son out of his shell, and school & socialization are going much better.

Hillary B.
Hillary G. B6 years ago

Oh! I meant to say, "must" be voicing. Cripes.

Hillary B.
Hillary G. B6 years ago

To Nicolette M.: Guess what? Who died and made you god? You must be god to judge what is right and best for everyone, otherwise you just be voicing your own limited opinion. Despite your use of 1 celebrity as the evidence that supports your opinion, this does not in fact amount to evidence. I also think that you are leaving out relevant info in that case. Ms. Berry never wanted to be a single parent, as she was married and has been in a nasty divorce and subsequent custody battle. Those particulars can deeply affect how one views their single parenthood. Do not lecture us about what nature and god want. One can argue that God and Nature want what is best for us, and that we can use our free will and intellect to decide what that is. Somehow a cat nursing puppies isn't considered against god's will, but two gays taking care of another human being is? BTW, gayness is found in nature, as scientific studies have shown (and no, I am married and straight), so nature is already doing what it needs to do to survive, and it involves all things. You call it over the top thinking, and yet it just is what it is. I'm sorry you missed having a father, but I had one, and always wished I didn't. You should read my other post for details. However, you shouldn't bash liberals for destroying the family. As far as I can see Repub's are using the politics of intolerance to take away people's rights and methods of support.

Dee Dee L.
Dee Dee L6 years ago

WOW...I think I was better off without my mother in the picture growing up. And I am not just saying that. She is a user, abuser, mentally disabled,,,not fit to raise a child, among other things....I am glad I was raised by my single father because he raised me to be the adult and mother I am today.

Beth Weatherbee
Beth Weatherbee6 years ago

It is very difficult to be tolerant of this kind of ignorance.

Allowing people to speak about their values/morals means that one has to accept all opinions. It will be a very long time before humans come to a universal tolerance, and until then we must tolerate this kind of ignorance.

John Doucette
John Doucette6 years ago

I guess if one is heterosexual it is okay if one is a single or divorced parent because I don't see these people out campaigning against this. These people are entitled to their views and opinions. What they are not entitled to is trying to force everybody else to live by these views/opinions.

Brenda Gilbert
Brenda Gilbert6 years ago

What has hurt this man so deeply that he feels the only way to heal it is to judge, criticise and attack others?
Blessings of love and light to all people engaged in the joyful, demanding, challenging task of raising children - with or without a partner - of the same or of the opposite gender. When they are able to do that with love they are doing us all a favour by making our world a happier, more compassionate place to live.