George Takei Asks Care2 Members to Join Him in Supporting Muslims

You may know George Takei from his run on Star Trek as Sulu, but this Japanese-American actor has a lot more up his sleeve, including a ferocious activist streak.

As a gay, Japanese-American man, Takei knows what it’s like to face discrimination, including attacks from his own government, and that’s why he’s worried about Muslim-Americans.

He’s asking Care2 members to join him in sending a clear message to president-elect Donald Trump and his cabinet: “National security must never again be permitted to justify wholesale denial of constitutional rights and protections.” Tens of thousands of you are answering his call and telling your friends.

Takei happens to know a little something about what happens when the government singles out groups of Americans on the basis of, say, their national origin. In the 1940s, he, like over 100,000 fellow Japanese-Americans, became subject to Executive Order 9066, which laid the groundwork for establishing internment camps that kept civilians captive simply because they were Japanese.

Anti-Asian racism led people to believe that Japanese-Americans were all secretly longing to join the war effort on the side of the Axis Powers, creating a justification to imprison them without cause or due process.

Today, little remains of the internment camps, and the incident is a source of such national shame that some Americans don’t even learn about it in school. It wasn’t until 1988 that the federal government formally apologized and offered reparations, under President Reagan. But in 2016, people angling for positions in the Trump cabinet suggested that internment was a “precedent” for how to handle Muslim-Americans.

Despite the fact that he was born and raised in the U.S., the government thought that George — a five-year-old child — represented a threat to the American way of life. He explored his experience in Allegiancea Broadway musical about the camps. And it has also informed his commentary, concerns and activism around the issue of a proposed “Muslim registry” and attempts at tracking Muslim-Americans.

He’s not the only one who’s concerned — for example, the Obama Administration recently dismantled the framework that could have been used to quickly start a registry after the inauguration next week, while another Care2 petition asked the tech industry to refuse to cooperate with requests to help design and implement a system for tracking Muslims.

“A Trump spokesperson recently stated the internment of Japanese Americans during World War II ‘sets a precedent’ for Trump to do the same today,” Takei comments. “And Trump continues to stand by his plans to establish a Muslim registry and ban immigrants from ‘certain’ Muslim countries from the U.S. It starts with a registry, with restrictions, with irrationally ascribed guilt, and with fear. But we know well where it might lead.”

Takei will be taking the petition to the Muslim Public Affairs Council as well as reaching out to government officials. The petition is more important than ever, given that General John Kelly, the president-elect’s pick for Secretary of Homeland Security, waltzed through his hearing on Tuesday, encountering little resistance in the Senate. It’s important for him to know that Americans oppose the use of government resources to register and harass citizens.

While many of the calls for a registry come from conservatives and many vocal opponents are on the left, this is actually a bipartisan issue. All Americans should be concerned about the precedent and potential established by classifying a group of Americans as suspect solely on the grounds of a personal trait, regardless of party or faith. Fear and racism, as Takei says, shouldn’t be driving government policy ever again.

Sign the Care2 petition if you’d like to add your voice to the growing crowd telling Muslim-Americans we stand with them, and telling the government that we are opposed to the systematic registration and persecution of anyone based on their faith, national origin or other traits.

Photo credit: Gage Skidmore


Sarah Hill
Sarah Hill9 months ago

I have nothing against Muslims as long as they assimilate into their new countries. The problem seems to be that they won't or can't seem to. They bring their culture into their new countries and expect everyone to convert to their ways.

Marie W
Marie W10 months ago

Thank you for sharing.

Kevin Brown
Kevin Brown12 months ago

I stand with you George, millions and millions of us do!

Siyus C
Siyus Cabout a year ago

Thank you for sharing.

Karen H
Karen Habout a year ago

Proudly signed this ages ago. Sad that people believe that anyone who "isn’t us" has to be sequestered or killed. Native Americans were put on reservations beginning shortly after the Revolutionary War. Japanese were put in Internment Camps during World War II. It's fear, and Trump ran on a campaign of fear. Trump is afraid of a lot of groups: Muslims, women, LGBTQ+, African Americans, Mexicans, and more. And False Flags (look them up) are feeding his cause. Yes, some Muslim men rape. Some Christian men rape, too, as do atheists and all other religions. Janne O, you focus on Muslims, but I've encountered others who behave the way you describe. My Jewish boss wouldn't shake my hand because I'm a woman. The "Christian" churches I left many years ago treated women like the scum of the earth. You say, "[Islam] is the only religion that condones lying to ... those of another faith... Imagine the outcry if Jews or Christians did that!” I have personally encountered "Christians" who do just that, and justify it in the name of their God. Their belief is that White Christians are the "preferred race" and everybody else must kiss your blessed butts.

Debra G
Debra Gabout a year ago

Imperative to sign, especially with the incoming crazy, authoritarian, history-ignorant, thin-skin man-baby. What's next, yellow crescents worn on their clothes? Banning them from operating businesses? Gas chambers? More Americans have died at the hands of homegrown fanatics - Christian, white males. Nobody wants to register all Christian white males because of a few bad apples.

Danuta W
Danuta Watolaabout a year ago

Thank you for sharing

David Nuttle
David Nuttleabout a year ago

The situation with Muslims is different than with any other group. Wahhabi Muslims follow the 109 verses of the Quran instructing them to kill and/or enslave non-Muslims as well as Muslims who do not believe as they do. This Islamic group represents about 30 percent of all Muslims to include the Wahhabi following the Quran's instructions to undertake "stealth jihad" to force all non-Muslims to convert to Islam and live under horrific Islamic Sharia laws. The latter group is infiltrating other nations and creating "shadow" Islamic communities using the "ink-spot"means of conquest. The Islamic State (ISIS/ ISIL) was created, and is sustained, by Wahhabi Muslims.

About 70 percent of Muslims follow, in one way or another, the ancient Islamic practice of Irja (postponement). They reject all the killing and conquest and believe that it will be Allah (God) who decides who should be killed as well as how and when. For any nation to long survive "floods" of Muslim refugees, they need to only accept Muslims who practice Irja. The E.U. is suffering a massive increase in rape and other crimes coming from Wahhabi Muslim refugees seeking to force Islam on those nations.

Wahhabi Muslims are fairly easy to detect. By exactly following instructions in the Quran they have only married first cousins for many generations. This type of inbreeding has resulted in the dramatic lowering of I.Q. scores generation by generation. In addition, they have night blindness as well as many m

Winn A
Winn Adamsabout a year ago

Already signed

Lisa M
Lisa Mabout a year ago