Get a Bikini Wax and Collect Funds to Raise Awareness of Cervical Cancer, Campaign Says


Using gimmicks to attract people to a cause isn’t new.

My father grew a mustache this year to help raise awareness of prostrate cancer and just the other day I noticed that my brother-in-law was wearing an “I heart boobies” bracelet in support of breast cancer.

This month I myself discovered another “gimmicky” campaign that in my opinion is less gimmick and more problem.

The Julyna campaign is a month-long campaign held in July to raise awareness of cervical cancer. Now here’s the gimmick — the campaign calls on women to wax their pubic hair into a creative design and solicit donations for doing so.

Yes, you read that correctly. The campaign’s website even has a section detailing different design options for women to choose from.

According to the website this is how it works:

Women will spend the month of July exercising creativity and personal wellness by choosing a style for their hair down there and sticking to it — as a fundraising technique. Women don’t have to leave it au naturel, or choose a standard pattern like “The Charlie Chaplin.” They can make something up. Get creative! Not only do we hope that Julyna raises funds for cervical cancer, but also that the added attention drawn below the belt will inspire women to take care of this area in other ways, i.e. through scheduled Pap tests or by discussing the HPV vaccine with their family doctors… And, if you don’t want to style your hair for money, please donate to the cause by sponsoring someone who is participating in Julyna this year.

The campaign was inspired by the Movember campaign which calls on men to grow mustaches to raise awareness of prostrate cancer. The campaign has become a worldwide phenomenon, raising over 80 million dollars in 2010.

The Julyna campaign, which is backed by the Canadian Cancer Society, has some women’s health experts worried who say the campaign objectifies women and sends inaccurate messages about prevention of the disease.

I could not agree more. Growing a mustache on your face is very different from soliciting donations for waxing your pubic hair which, not to mention, causes pain and money itself. The concept also clearly links a woman’s sexuality to cervical cancer which is hugely problematic for a disease that typically develops after contracting a sexually transmitted disease.

As the Globe and Mail reports, “…instead of fostering acceptance of cervical cancer, Julyna risks undoing efforts to destigmatize a disease that has traditionally been associated with promiscuity. The main risk factor for developing cervical cancer is contracting human papillomavirus (HPV), typically transmitted sexually.”

I understand that the Julyna campaign’s main goal is to raise visibility and funds for cervical cancer, but I don’t think that having women wax their pubic hair is going to get the disease the serious attention it deserves. Is waxing your pubic hair into a heart or arrow really the only way to draw attention to cervical cancer? In addition, there is nothing about waxing your pubic hair that encourages women to get vaccinated or screened for cervical cancer, which are the prevention measure the campaign should be encouraging.

What do you think about the Julyna campaign? Would you wax your pubic hair and solicit donations from others in the name of cervical cancer?

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Alicia N.
Alicia N6 years ago

noted but I'll pass, thanks

Bernadette P.
berny p6 years ago

WHY on earth would you want to have your pubic hair wax!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Norma V.
Norma Villarreal6 years ago

Sulette, my sentiments exactly!

K s Goh
KS Goh6 years ago

Thanks for the article.

Lilithe Magdalene

Her her with Alex. Twisted approaches to the whole breast cancer subject. Companies that make toxic foods and products with their pink ribbon campaigns - and everybody still saying mammograms are good, when they cause the cancer itself in many cases.

This is one more distraction on how to really cure cancer - eat well, stop slathering toxic body products on your body, cleaning your house with toxic chemicals and stop using fragrances. It's all toxic! Remember, if it has to be tested on a bunny, why on fricken earth would you want ANY AMOUNT ON YOUR PERSON?!? Use some logic.

Duane F.
Duane F6 years ago

The gland is spelled 'prostate', not 'prostrate'.

It's a good program for women that get a bikini wax regularly. I wouldn't recommend if for those that have a hard time dealing with the pain. There's also the ingrown hair issue that can cause cysts. Besides that, that area of the body is mostly private in modern society. It's a matter of personal preference. It's not like a mustache that can be exhibited in most public places. Although, I bet quite a few men would pay to see creative pubic hair of women on adult websites.

Sue Touchette
.6 years ago

****shudder*** Ummm, you can call on me when I'm required to grow a mustache.....let the macho men rip out their public hair, thank you!

Amanda M.
Amanda M6 years ago

Are they nuts? I don't even shave my LEGS, let alone my crotch! Waxing there? *shudder* No way in hell would I risk pain and ingrown hairs on a part of the anatomy you don't even want to scratch too hard, let alone yank out hairs by the roots! Thanks, but no thanks!

Mrs Shakespeare
Mrs Shakespeare6 years ago

I wouldn't do this because I feel its just too weird, but I kinda like how they are coming up with crazy ideas to raise awareness. Good luck to them.

Will W.
Will Will6 years ago

Alex H is absolutely right. The Cancer Industry is not interested in finding a cure. In fact, they actively work against any non patentable and effective cancer treatment from getting out. If they allowed the public to know about all the effective cancer treatments that actually exist, they would be out of a job. You must remember that the cancer industry employs a lot of people and gets a lot of money. The last thing that they want to do is find a cure. That would end their careers, and their livelihoods. No, much better to get endless money from governments and fund raising, employ a lot of people for "research" and finding a "cure", and keep that racket going forever. This is a problem when organization are set up to develop a "cure" and find that once established, not finding a cure is in their best interests. They can only justify their budgets as long as the problem exists. People need to wake up. The media will never tell you, but you can get information from alternative sources such as on the internet.