Get The Koch Brothers Out Of Public Education [VIDEO]


The Koch Brothers political aspirations are certainly national, but they have taken a page from the Ralph Reed playbook and have made moves to influence local school board elections, including those in Raleigh, North Carolina.  There the Koch Brothers funded Americans for Prosperity allied with local advocacy groups to build a new majority on the school board in an attempt to re-segregate the Raleigh school district.

The school district had, through busing for diversity programs, made the Raleigh district a successful blend of students of all backgrounds and experiences.

In response to that success the Koch Brothers started funding school board candidates who pledged to end “forced busing” and who sought to enact a “neighborhood schools” agenda, despite the fact that the schools were already very successful.  The talking points reached back to a darker day for the South when Jim Crow sympathizers promised to keep southern schools segregated always.

Thankfully there’s a push back against these nefarious campaigns, including a new video demanding the Koch Brothers stop their attack on public education.

Segregated public schools are among the most destructive social ills in our history, and if the Koch Brothers have their way, they’ll become commonplace again.

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Patricia Harris
John Taylor1 years ago


Jean  L. C.
Jean Corcoran6 years ago

The Koch Brothers are only following in their Daddys' Footsteps. He was one of the ORIGINAL members of, The John Birch Society described as an American radical right-wing political advocacy group that supports anti-communism, limited government,a Constitutional Repuclic and personal freedom. It used to be the Brothers job as children to pass out the literature. Founded in 1958, they have been every Presidents nightmare since. They see a Communist conspiracy in everthing. "the increasing tempo of radical right attacks on local government, libraries, school boards, parent-teacher associations, mental health programs, the Republican Party and, most recently the ecumenical movement." That statement was made in April of 1966 in a New York Times article. They claim to be based on Christian principles. They have bought their way into the Supreme Court,Federal and Local Governments. And now they want to Re-Educate our kids.

Consuelo Walker
Consuelo Walker6 years ago

Thanks for the article and the exposure of evil people like the Koch Brothers and their followers who seem to have no brains. Followers of their type are just "Yes people" who themselves become "blank brain slaves" willing to have others decide their future and think for them.
And for Mr. Lee, the rich in money are really the poor in spirit who hoard riches on earth and not in the hearts of men of good will. Do not let yourself be blinded by propaganda. It exists here as well as around the world... Too bad you are tied down to color only and not to the quality of the human spirit that is in all, and can be in you too! We need to stand and dennounce the inequalities that create poverty, ignorance and wars! Gracias again for your article.

Joan E.
Joan E6 years ago

Progressive Democrats must become a stront counterweight to the the teabaggers and corporatists. We need to get on schoolboards ourselves, get on town councils, and get into the Democratic Party at the local level so there will be someone to stand strong for fairness, democratic principles and civil rights and liberties.

Glenn M.
Glenn Meyer6 years ago

Cutting spending on, so called, entitlements is ineffective for addressing the deficit. Cutting programs that support the low and middle class will further strain both who don’t even receive lower prices as a result of the U.S. job losses and create a disconnect that will end in another financial collapse. The justification for attacking government benefits as opposed to raising taxes is the creation of jobs. But where?

Corporations have over-powered our government which now believes that out-sourcing and off-shoring of U.S. jobs is inevitable and necessary with expectations that the middle class should fall on their swords. It is the underlying cause of the financial collapse and borders on national security with the loss of our middle class tax base. Yet, this nation does nothing, not even demand it be restricted by whatever method. International businesses are doing the UN-AMERICAN activity of destroying U.S. salaries, U.S. businesses that hire in the U.S., and as an end result, destroying the U.S. marketplace while still demanding BUSINESS ENTITLEMENTS and protections for themselves.

Infrastructure spending and tax breaks will not replace enough jobs to keep up with the hemorrhaging loss of U.S. jobs from out-sourcing over seas. Neither party will do anything about it unless we begin grass roots efforts to protest out-sourcing and off-shoring of U.S. jobs. If nothing is done we will deserve what we get and it will get a lot worse before it gets better

lee e.
lee e6 years ago

these glorious bros are what the country needs - they educate our young and keep us employed, they offer segregation to prevent us from the evils of integration - we can learn the realistic dangers of regulations on industry, and the history of this country from a different perspective, we can teach the truth of the alterior motives of the "global warming conspiracy" that the left wingers are thrusting upon the innocent minds of those who might want employment from industries that, if regulated, will be unable to provide. of course there is a division in the world of those who have and others who do not - but that shouldn't prevent the opportunity for employment for survival's sake. it is an opportunity to learn the truth of illness, that if one cannot provide for one's self or family, that suffering is merely a part of life - unpleasant though it be - still necessary and inevitable. the rich shall inherit the country - thus saith the lord - and a cleansing of america will finally take its course and the rich shall prevail - can i hear amen?

K s Goh
KS Goh6 years ago

Thanks for the article.

Steven Brewer
Steven Brewer6 years ago

Fred Koch was the Joe McCarthy of the American Business world, a paranoid who saw Communists everywhere. He became paranoid when he worked in the Soviet Union, after his handler told him how the Communists were going to infiltrate the U.S.A. in the schools, universities, churches, labor unions, government, armed forces and everywhere else. This little, mid-level bureaucrat of the Soviet Politburo had rattled Koch so bad with his political ranting that it sent Koch on a life-long crusade against the "hidden communist agenda" here in the states. Koch helped to found the John Birch Society which, besides its anti-“anything that even smelled like communism/socialism” agenda, also tasked itself to make sure the races (meaning white race) stayed pure and they have used violence to ensure that end. Koch said he abhorred communism because while in the Soviet Union, he was able to get a first hand view of the machinations of the politically oppressive Soviet system, and he quickly developed a hatred and disdain for the Soviets. He saw widespread misery, hunger and terror while in the Soviet Union.
I say Bull Shitsky to all that, what the Koch family and the John Birch Society have been covertly and are now overtly pushing for America is a system where, like Soviet Russia, power is all at the top but instead of a Politburo ruling, you have Corporate America at the top controlling everything in everyone's lives.
Read more at my new blog:

Faith B.
Faith Billingham6 years ago

Thanks for the article...

Patrick F.
Patrick f6 years ago

The Koch bros. are clowns in desperate need of attention. That is why they announced the huge paychecks they wrote themselves a couple of months ago. To rub your nose in it, all tax free thanks to George Walkalloveryou Bush.