Gillibrand: Childcare IS a Jobs Agenda

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand has not been quiet about her desire to see women receive more opportunities both in the political arena and in their professional and family lives, too.

As the Senator hosted her first interactive live chat with EMILY’s List last week, Gillibrand was sure to emphasize that while Republicans are busy stripping away health care reform that benefits women, Title X funding that helps them decide when they are ready to begin or grow their families, educational opportunities, union protections and equal pay, she and her fellow Democrats are not only trying to stem the tide of anti-women legislation, but create more support for women in the workforce.

One key component?  Affordable childcare.

“Childcare is part of a jobs agenda,” Gillibrand said in the live chat, hosted by the women’s political organization committed to supporting pro-choice candidates, voicing her frustration at a expense that has become a significant burden to numerous families with both parents in the workforce.

As a result of the rising cost of childcare, Gillibrand is proposing legislation that will help to reduce the ballooning cost of care.  “In this difficult economy, parents cannot afford the rising cost of child care. Families’ incomes are just not keeping pace,” Senator Gillibrand said. “I speak with parents all over New York State, who tell me that something must be done.  In addition to making child care more affordable for parents who work and go to school, my plan will provide special assistance to businesses that help their employees with the tremendous costs.”

Gillibrand’s proposal includes increasing the Dependent and Child Care tax credit to $6000, giving larger tax breaks to businesses that offer on site child care services, getting more workers into the child care industry and encouraging businesses to allow more telecommuting — a proposal that wouldn’t just cut the amount of money needed to be spent on childcare, but would also reduce road congestion, fuel consumption, and business expenditures for keeping employees in an office.

Republicans say they are all about family values.  It would be nice if they would prove it and provide some additional support for working families rather than just another set of tax breaks for the wealthy.


Photo by Congress ( via Wikimedia Commons


Terry V.
Terry V5 years ago


April Thompson
April Thompson6 years ago

Pay women to raise their children at home! It is a hard and very important job! It would not be welfare!

Mary B.
Mary B6 years ago

Women have been raiseing their children for free, forever.Now that they are 'working out of the home', somebody has to tend the kids and we're getting some idea of how much it actually costs to do that job.But of course, now, that income can be taxed too along with what ever the Mom is making at her job. If a woman wants to stay home to raise her kids, she should be paid enough to live on, and it should not be called 'welfare'.

KrassiAWAY B.
Krasimira B6 years ago

Noted with interest.

Rosie Lopez
Rosie Lopez6 years ago

thank you!

Bernadette P.
berny p6 years ago

YOU do not have children so if you want to ...think hard!!!!

Marie W.
Marie W6 years ago

So don't have kids.

Laura Mitchell
Laura Mitchell6 years ago

Without childcare, a lot of parents can't work enough to support thier families.

Wayne M.
Wayne M6 years ago

When women and families have support finding quality childcare, they are able to be contributors to society and give better support to their family, rather than ultimately having to access more costly social welfare programs.

Bruce V.

Is there a job harder than raising a child? Especially through the teen years when they start to realize what we've done to the planet and the deminishing hopes for their children.