Gillibrand Says Hillary for 2016

The “Hillary 2016″ bandwagon is continuing to gain steam.† The latest cheerleader?† New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand.† Speaking in an interview with Buzzfeed, the Democrat vowed “I’m going to be one of the first to ask Hillary to run in 2016…I think she would be incredibly well-poised to be our next Democratic president. I think she’s extremely well prepared. I think her experience as Secretary of State has not only elevated her stature and experience, but she’s proven she’s someone who can get things done and I think she’d be an outstanding candidate.”

Gillibrand is just the latest to muse on a 2016 run for Clinton.† “Game Change” authors recently said they were nearly positive that the Secretary of State would make a go of it.† And Republicans were pushing her to run even earlier — with a primary challenge to President Barack Obama.

But if Clinton should decide to give up her planned return to private life, who would then be a good addition to the ticket?† Perhaps her most enthusiastic supporter, Sen. Gillibrand, might be coaxed to campaign for it?

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Edward W.

During a discussion about Hillary, Bill's name came up and I said that he could be elected again. It was mentioned that he enjoys what he is doing now. The thought popped into my mind that when Democratic presidents leave office, they do things for the public good (even VP Al Gore), but Republicans just slither away to count their money.

KS Goh
KS Goh5 years ago

Thanks for the article.

Phil K.
Phil Konigsberg5 years ago

Picking up on Peter V's comment regarding Hillary and Monsanto, I would stay away from supporting Kirsten Gillibrand due to her prior affiliation with the tobacco industry as a senior associate with Davis Polk & Wardwell, a law firm that defended Philip Morris in key cases.

Kathryn Terhune Cotton

And Ahron, no women didn't throw their support to Michele Bachmann. Why? Maybe because she is a republican fruit loop and a Sarah Palin clone. Just because you have the right set of chromosomes does not make you fit for office (especially the Oval one!)

Kathryn Terhune Cotton

Peter V. brought up an interesting item there about a Clinton/Monsanto connection. It's something I'd like to learn more about before going nuts for Hilary. I voted for Bill twice and would probably do it again, just as I would have given my 100% support for Hilary. It's tough. Every politician has skeletons in their closest; some have a lot more than others. I have never met a republican I would vote for; Democrats, it comes down to who has the smallest, fewest skeletons and are they ones I care about.

Mary Driver
Mary Driver5 years ago

Oh BLAH BLAH BLAH..........One IDIOT woman wants another IDIOT woman as president! HILARY IS OBAMA, AKA SANTORO. SHE'S just the female version and MUCH more treacherous probably! I would like to see what a REAL WOMAN could do as president though!

Krysti Schwab
Past Member 5 years ago

a woman should be president maybe Hilary maybe not

Karen and Ed O.
Karen and Ed O6 years ago

Okay, ladies, lets get busy. Hillary for President!

Ahron E.
Ahron E6 years ago

Michelle Backman could have been the first woman president but the woman did not support her for some strange reason. Also, Gilliand my no longer be a Senator by 2016 all she is, is a clone of Shumer she hasn't initiated anything.

Peter V.
Peter V6 years ago

Google 'Hillary Clinton Monsanto' and you'll find some interesting and scary things. Hillary has ties with Monsanto that go back decades. Monsanto has been voted the Most Evil Corporation in the World for several years in a row, and it is a title they deserve. I would never vote for anyone that has ANY affiliation with Monsanto.