Girl Commits Suicide After Being Forced to Marry Rapist


Amina, a young 16-year-old Moroccan girl, was forced to marry her rapist, a man ten years her senior. When her family filed charges against the man for raping their daughter a judge decided that instead of punishing the man, the pair should marry.

How is that even possible?  Well there is a law in Morocco which allows a perpetrator to receive immunity from criminal charges if he marries the minor in question.

Such was the case for Amina.  According to The Delta World this type of marriage is a tradition common in rural areas “to safeguard the honour of the young and ‘resolve’ the damage caused after the violation.”

Being forced to marry her rapist did not “resolve” the damage for Amina. How could it? In fact, the young girl faced continued violence in the home of her rapist and has since committed suicide by eating rat poison.

Many have taken to twitter to mourn Amina’s untimely death with the hashtag #RIPAmina.

This story is just so tragic. I hope Amina’s story serves as an example that forcing a woman to marry her rapist is not only incredibly unjust but incredibly dangerous (cough - ignorant – cough).


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Berenice Guedes de Sa

This is so sad and unfair. I hope this kind of law change soon.

Jose L.
Jose L.4 years ago

The Golden Principle would be invoked to rebuttal their actions and invoke some shame and horror except that the Qur'an appears not to treat men and women in equal regard, and they seem to consider the Qur'an as the base upon which they justify laws and morality. However, the Qur'an does appear to demand a fair amount of respect for women, in many cases about the same as for a man. That similarity should be enough for people to apply the golden rule, and they should further realize that you do not force a free women to marry if you believe in what is written there.

Given the numerous "inferior woman" interpretations of the Qur'an by many Muslim scholars and the cultural norms in some places (including Sharia law wannabes), it might be time for an official Islamic Reformation much as significant Christian thought diverged from the orthodox mainline centuries ago. It's not realistic to expect to have only a single interpretation (or two) when it (these) biases (bias) against half of the followers, unless the "preferred" half intend to always use force.

Marie W.
Marie W4 years ago

A very common Middle Eastern/Asian solution to rape. And an absolutely misogynistic one. Sounds like something the GOP will endorse any day now.

Larry W.
Larry W.4 years ago

This is so tragic, I can not believe that a culture can be so stone age in it's believes. This man should be in jail for her murder now. He was the one that killed her.

Loo Samantha
Loo sam5 years ago


Emily Drew
Emily Drew5 years ago

That is so tragic I can barely believe it, but knowing the human species, I can believe it. RIP Amina

Debra Sherwood
Debra meade5 years ago

I agree with karen c.

Nellie P.
Nellie P5 years ago

I don't usually condone killing of anyone, or anything, but in this case I wish she put the poison in the S.O.B.'s food instead. This is just so sad.
I always wanted to visit Morocco. I hear it is a really beautiful place. But if they do things like this, there's no way I'll ever set foot in the country, or give them a single tourist dollar. I hope there's plenty of other people out there that follow suit.

Sonja C.
Sonja C.5 years ago

Especially to commentator Graham R. but also for all others:

This is not only the law in Morocco, but also in all islamic countries. It is part of the sharia which allows a perpetrator to receive immunity from criminal charges if he marries the minor in question.
This is one of the examples that Qur'an, Sunna and the Scharia which is constructed by the two is discriminating women as well as jews as well as loving violence.
It is a common procedure that if a women denies to marry a man, this man rapes the woman and so she is forced to marry him. This practice is also used in Turkey and surely and in all other islamic countries.

Graham wrote:

"If this is an indication of they way their justice system works there's no way I'll step foot in that country.
I think a society can be judged by the way they protect their victims of abuse and the way they punish the perpetrators."

Graham. There is no difference to law or even society in Germany or ... or .. or... what do you think why the EU starts antidiscrimination law (why is this necessary when the spirit of the people is non-discrimination-like?)
The difference is, that women in Germany THINK that they are equal and have rights. But did you ever follow a court process of a raped woman in Germany and how the victim is treated there? And how the health and social system and the societies, employers and so forth are treating such a victim? And how your neighbours, friends, .... doctors, etc react on you? No better!

Heather McGuirk
Heather McGuirk5 years ago

This is tragic. How can anyone think that forcing someone to marry their rapist is in any way just or even humane? This poor, sweet girl was obviously desperate to escape from her rapist, her abuser, so desperate that she ate rat poison. I hope her death haunts the judge who forced her into such a nightmare, I hope he never recovers. Maybe then he will start to have some empathy and compassion for women and girls and stop treating them so callously.