Girl Roped And Dragged While Protesting Rodeo (VIDEO)

Although the tactics of some animal welfare organizations sometimes antagonize feminist activist groups, the struggle for animal rights and women’s rights share many intersections, as a horrifying new story from Chile illustrates.  A girl who entered a corral at the Patriotic Celebration Festival to protest animal cruelty was lassoed and dragged out by rodeo riders, as the video below illustrates.

There is little coverage of the event outside the Chilean press (although the Today show did include a brief spot about the video).  The spokesperson for the rodeo federation said that he “regretted what happened,” but went on to justify the attitude of the riders.  Word has trickled out that one rodeo rider has been suspended because of the girl’s age (she was only 17), but there is no news about whether other charges apply.

The fact that rodeo riders thought that it was appropriate to treat an animal rights protester with the same cruelty that they did the animals shows the extent to which people can be desensitized to both the pain of animals and the pain of women.  I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the protester who was roped and dragged was a young girl.  In any case, we can only hope that the rodeo riders who performed this atrocity were punished, but the whole incident indicates a serious lack of respect for both human and animal life.

Photo from Wikimedia Commons.


Sarah D.
Sarah D7 years ago

That's just sad.

Rainsong Sanctuary
Mary Perry7 years ago

i am a [female] conservation activist who often has to defend my personal safety from vicious and ignorant environmental criminals, in my fight to save the wildlife/wilderness/sealife in costa rica. [usually i'm just taking pics to document illegal activities to have evidence to take to the judicial authorities].
i know directly from personal experience that women [especially in latin america] get little or no respect, even in normal family situations.
imagine the attacks and aggressions i've endured and survived as a female up against bands of male macho environmental criminals.
but i never back off , and i never give up, and the local people who would like to see their nature protected all adore my courage and boldness. and my action empowers entire communities and especially the schoolchildren to join in the fight to protect mother nature . ONE PERSON CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE by influencing MANY PEOPLE.
information is the key, so this incident on this video should be spread thruout cyberspace to demand immediate punishment for the sadists who hurt this girl.

Catherine Turley
Catherine Turley7 years ago

would you let some guy throw a rope around your dog or cat and hurl it to the ground? case closed.

Sheila N.
sheila s7 years ago

What people will do to animals many will do to people who are different from them or disagree with them.

Nellie K A.
Nellie K Adaba7 years ago

Inapropriate treatment and behavior

carol w.
carol watson7 years ago

What a brave girl and what a nasty piece of work the rider who lassod her out.Ive never liked watching rodeos on tv and I would never go to see one any more than I would go to a bullfight.I watched the video that was put on the petition site and I could not believe the extent of the cruelty.I cried my eyes out over the horrific abuse that was going on. I'm sorry Jennifer Thompson but you should look at it if you think that the riders love their animals because I certainly did not see any love for any of the animals. What I saw was broken legs ,horses unable to get up off the ground, calves being caught and yanked up in the air and then dragged along and before the horses are let out of the pen that they are in while the rider is getting his self ready there is a very kind man as you would have us believe who is sticking a spike in the side of the horse and making a very good job of it so that the horse is frantically trying to get away from it but cant go anywhere because he is in a confined space. Watch the video. I think you might have a different opinion after you have seen it Jennifer, but if you dont I'm afraid your comment is falling on deaf ears as far as I am concerned because I know animal abuse when I see it and that is animal abuse.

Heather M.
Heather M7 years ago

What a brave girl - i hope this event strengthens her resolve to continue speaking her mind and standing up for what she believes.

Jane R.
Jane R7 years ago

The girl was wrong! The riders were wrong!

Jennifer Thompson
Jennifer Lynch7 years ago

Some people just do not under stand what the Rodeo is all about. Yes it was verry wrong of the persn working at the Rodeo to do what they did to this person. However this person was in an area if they had not taken her out she could have been hurt by one of the horses or bulls. Those who do not know how the Rodeo came to be needs to read about the evolution of the modernday Rodeo. Every Person I know who participates in the Rodeo love the animals they compite with and take verry good care of them.

Gita Sasi Dharan
Gita Sasi Dharan7 years ago

Ban this sort of cruel sports.