Girl Scouts Fight Back (Videos)


By now, many of you have heard of the disturbingly calm and collected rant of a 14-year-old Girl Scout who encourages Americans to boycott Girl Scout cookies due to the fact that the organization admits transgendered children into its troops. Refusing to buy the cookies, she suggests, will send a message that the Girl Scouts of America are for girls and girls only.

Although there are legitimate reasons to give up these delightful snacks (for one, they contribute to rainforest destruction), the fact that the Girl Scouts are supporting the transgender community actually inspires me to buy even more cookies. This scout is advocating outright discrimination against young people who do not fit into her definition of ‘girl.’

Of course, many Girl Scouts, past and present, have responded that they are supporting the Girl Scouts’ decision to accept transgendered members. Here are a couple great response videos from former Girl Scouts:


Do you agree? Pledge to support the Girl Scouts in their quest for equality.


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Photo from Marit & Toomas Hinnosaar via flickr


Olivia Lim
Olivia Lim5 years ago

It's great that Girl Scouts accept transgenders, but their cookies have palm oil sourced from rainforest-destroying plantations, so I will not buy the cookies.

Simon B.
Simon B.5 years ago

If Sherriff Buck's in favour of GSUSA, that's all the Reason I need! :)

Stefanie D.
Stefanie D.6 years ago

i agree on cookies... being 'crap'

GSA should be promoting healthy whole grain granola with natural sweeteners that aren't so refined... etc... pure minty... sugar... no thx...

Stefanie D.
Stefanie D.6 years ago

cont'd from below (last):

... If the typical majority of the world were more educated, enlightened, aware, then accepting of the atypical minority would put less pressure to 'conform via surgery', and they could keep their atypical sex developed half 'as is'... it works great, even if it is atypical for that gender.

So... which sex system half are you?
Is it 'typical' for your gender, or atypical?
Every combination is NATURAL, GOD made it FLEXIBLE so more than two combinations are possible. It doesn't matter if the combination is 'common' (typical majority) or 'uncommon' (atypical minority); all are NORMAL, and NONE are a choice.

Müllerian and Wolffian

Stefanie D.
Stefanie D.6 years ago

cont'd from below:

... we can only guess by your 'gendered' name, that 'maybe' you might have a FEMALE brain gender identity; and due to statistics of 'majority being typical', you most likely had your Müllerian half developed at birth instead of your Wolffian half; just a guess using statistical odds of majority (not minority). Only you can self-identify it; not us.

In summary... GOD made all humans 'dual-potential' for brain gender identity, body potential (secondary sexual characteristics), as well as 'dual potential' for birth sex (genitalia, gonads, reproductive system)... and in fact, for some... birth sex can change even NATURALLY over time after birth, to a different sex (at least in form if not entirely in function). Additionally, GOD designed the 'dual system' also 'double redundant' (you have a spare, because you always get a nice 'pair' just in case something comes up so your body can develop further with minimal consequences to life (rather than death)).

So, when a person ends up with ATYPICAL combinations of the above 3 dual systems, it is NOT a choice of the individual which brain gender identity one develops NOR which sex system half one ends up with for that brain gender identity. Being atypical as a minority, in a world of ignorant typical majority, often means the pressure is compellingly great to fit in with the majority for 'body' via 'surgery/hormones', thus, why so many of the atypical opt for it. If the typical majority of the world wer

Stefanie D.
Stefanie D.6 years ago

Hi Sarah W.,
For those who are 'believers', God made all humans, like YOU, and ME, and EVERYONE:
1) Endowed fully with a BRAIN that has BOTH receptors to hormones that DETERMINE GENDER IDENTITY going EITHER WAY.
2) Endowed fully with a BODY that has BOTH receptors to hormones that DETERMINE how the body can grow EITHER WAY towards more feminine or more masculine, including secondary sexual characteristics.
and MOST IMPORTANT OF ALL... (what humans have always had, without exceptions)
3) Endowed fully with a SEX SYSTEM that has DUAL POTENTIAL (apart from receptors to hormones) that is capable of growing EITHER WAY towards a VAGINAL-UTERUS system or a PENIS-PROSTATE system; in addition, GONADS that can likewise, go EITHER WAY towards Ovaries OR Testes. These TWO SEX systems derive from TWO HALVES of a PRECURSOR SEX system known as:

A) Müllerian (Paramesonephric) Duct system half; if turned on, will develop ONLY to a Vagina/Uterus, and nothing else, because otherwise... it is inhibited and disappears.

B) Wolffian (Mesonephric) Duct system half; if turned on, will develop ONLY to a Penis/Prostate, and nothing else, because otherwise... it is bypassed and disappears.

Yes... SARAH W, GOD MADE YOU WITH BOTH PRE-SEX SYSTEMS (mentioned above)... as well as a BRAIN that could go either way... only, we do not know specifically WHICH combination YOU GOT in the end, be it YOUR Pre-Penis half (Wolffian) or YOUR Pre-Vaginal half (Müllerian), and we can only guess by

Sarah W.
Sarah W.6 years ago

Hey, Charli S.
God does NOT make people transgendered. That's a choice they make. God doesn't make people liars, or theives or murderers. IT'S A CHOICE!!!!!!

Myriam G.
Myriam G6 years ago

Beautiful videos.
They show that acceptance and understanding go a long way, that kids who grow up within an environment of tolerance, with loving ears to hear their questions and concerns, with loving minds arouns them to help them with their struggles, and most importantly WITHOUT JUDGMENTAL PEOPLE AROUND THEM, will become understanding, accepting and loving adults who help to make the world a better place.
Kuddos to all those Girl Scouts!

colleen p.
colleen p6 years ago

Annmari L. i was wondering about a "generalized scouts". have boy's cabin, girl's cabin and make staff's extra large for when you have some trans.

but that could cause issues right?

what would androgny scouts do? everything? boys can benifit from sewing, girls tying shit up.
guys can sew and feel manly. it is very good.

people always need stuff sewn. and girls need to know what you can eat in the woods. to many by me cry when they see the "not cute animals" and will run away from a frog and garder snake.

Holly Lawrence
Holly Lawrence6 years ago

I haven't bought Girl Scout cookies for years..and think the whole organization sucks ..especially since they sate they promote good health for children and sell cookies full of pure crap!