Girl Scouts Go Locavore

Senior Girl Scouts can earn the new “Locavore” badge by sleuthing out sources and seasons for local food and then learning how to create dishes and even whole meals with local fruits and vegetables. (For a good discussion of the local-food movement, see “Eating Local Food: The Movement, Locavores and More.”)

SFoodie Jonathan Kauffman went on the hunt for the badge’s requirements after National Public Radio reported on the first overhaul of Girl Scouts badges in a quarter of a century. What SFoodie learned was that “the steps required constitute a solid course in local food sourcing and cooking.”

A lot of bloggers are curious about how girls can acquire the new badge for senior Scouts. For the Food Section, Josh Friedland emailed Alisha Niehaus, Executive Director of Program Resources with the Girl Scouts. She said five steps are required to earn the Locavore badge:

1.† Explore the benefits and challenges of going local
2.† Find your local food sources
3.† Cook a simple dish showcasing local ingredients
4.† Make a recipe with local ingredients
5.† Try a local cooking challenge

Announcement of the Locavore badge is also bringing attention to an issue two Girl Scouts pushed for: palm oil. Madison Vorva and Rhiannon Tomtishen challenged the national organization to get rid of rainforest-destroying palm oil in their cookies. Their campaign pushed Girl Scouts to promise to cut back on their use of palm oil and to announce they will adopt the GreenPalm logo for their 2012-13 cookie season.

The new badge comes at an important time. A handful of multinational chemical companies such as Monsanto, Bayer, DuPont and Syngenta are pouring millions into distressingly successful campaigns aimed at threatening global disaster if farmers donít embrace their chemical-dependent agriculture. Let’s hope the girls who earn this badge will come away asking probing questions about an industrial food system that is destroying the planet.

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