Girlfriend Persuades Man to Kill Greyhound, Rescuer Has Other Plans


Written by Patti Goettler of Virginia

We are huge proponents of retired racing greyhounds. These dogs have an amazing affinity for humans (and no, we don’t understand it either).

I have used service dogs since I was in an accident in 1985. As a dog trainer/behaviorist, I also train and certify service dogs. In 2010, I lost my 13-year-old Lurcher Tir Na N’Ogh. Not only was he my service dog, but he assisted me in training other dogs and he was a therapy dog.

I was devastated with his passing and was having many physical problems at the time. Our local Greyhound rescue, BRGA, had a rare “bounce back.” This is an adopted dog that is returned. He was a special case. A single man, who “loved” the dog, had adopted him, but a year or so later this man decided he also “loved” a woman and her small child. The new additions hated the Greyhound and let everyone know this.

Mysteriously, while the man and his new friend were off together, the small child was left alone with the Greyhound — who “bit” her. (No witnesses, of course).

Now they wanted the Greyhound destroyed. Thank heavens his adoption group jumped in and took him back (why the “owner” did not return him earlier we do not know).

We Got in the Car and Headed Out to Save Him

First abused in racing. Later betrayed by his adopters. For the first time, Ddraig feels safe and loved.

I was talking to friends at BRGA and found out that this dog needed fostering immediately, so we drove the 90 miles and picked him up on a Wednesday night.

The dog had lost about 20 pounds and looked horrible. He was so depressed that he would not even look at us.

That night he crept up and slept by my side of the bed. The next morning as I did my daily struggle to get out of the bed, he came over and leaned into me to help support me as I stood up (This was a task my service dogs were trained to do). He also assisted me as I came down the stairs. He was very sad and quiet, but stayed by me throughout the day.

I realized that if we won his trust back, it would be awful for the dog to be placed in yet another home, so I notified the group that he was no longer a foster but that this would be his REAL forever home.

He Has a Special New Role

He regained his health and joy and took over as my latest service dog. Ddraig (Welsh for Dragon) also helps me train other dogs and we now have started a group, Greyt Hearts Service Dogs Inc. to train other retired racers as service dogs.

Ddraig has encountered his own health problems. He developed Osteosarcoma and had his left hind leg amputated. He is bravely carrying on with assisting me in my dog training and never tires of spreading his love to all. He adores children and shares that love in his ongoing therapy dog work. Ddraig is my hero.  More photos of Ddraig here

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Philippa P
Philippa Powers1 years ago

I hope that man is never allowed to own another animal as long as he lives.

Valentina R.
Valentina R3 years ago

That bitch has to die a horrible death (the human female, not the dog, of course!) >:-(
Please adopt a Greyhound from a resscue or a shelter! Don't buy a puppy while hundreds of adults are put down.

Betty Kelly
Betty Kelly4 years ago

Some people don't deserve a dog [or any animal]. Wonderful ending to this story.

Janet B.
Janet B4 years ago


Ronel Van Vuuren
Ronel v4 years ago

What a wonderful story, thank you for sharing

Leopold Marek
Leopold Marek4 years ago

Thank you for sharing(!)(!)(!)

Margie Szelmeczka

Need to Outlaw greyhound racing

Lydia M.
Lydia M4 years ago

I am so very happy this dog has found his new forever home :-)

I find it Very Hard to Believe that this dog bit the small child..

IF he did, which I find Doubtful.. What did the child do to provoke this reaction ???

I've had Many Rescued Greyhounds for years & Never Once did this happen..

God Bless you Ddraig, You So Deserve Your New Life, You Are Safe Now & Will Be Happy Forever with this Lovely Lady..

I Believe this to be an Excuse, merely to get him out of the picture..
Why on earth would this small child be left alone with the dog ?
What kind of mother would do that ?

Thank God his life has been spared, they make the most Fantastic of Companions.

These dogs are Gentle Giants... Who Do Not Pose Any Threat to Anybody..
Great to Hear of a Very Happy Result.. :-)

Claudia Acosta
Claudia A4 years ago

:) Really happy he has a loving home.

Jana Repova
Jana Repova4 years ago

What a beautiful story with the good end!