Girls Incorporated of New York City Honors Graduating Seniors with Annual College Shower (Video)

Graduating from high school and moving on to college is a momentous occasion in any young person’s life.

For the last twelve years, Girls Incorporated of New York City has celebrated this great accomplishment by honoring graduating seniors participating in their programs with the College Shower. At the celebration, girls receive scholarships and gift bags filled with all of the things they need to be ready for college – sheets, towels, alarm clocks, paper, pens, highlighters, etc!

Many of the young women Girls Incorporated of NYC serves do not have the ability to pay for these types of college necessities. The gifts awarded at the College Shower not only help them focus on their studies, but also shows them that there is a community of supporters rooting for them back at home.

Girls Inc. of NYC sees this annual event as a way to show girls of New York City that they are valued, something that many young adults do not feel from the adults in their community. In fact, according to a national study only 1 out of 5 adolescents feel that adults in their community value them.

The students honored at the College Shower each year are girls who feel tremendous support from their Girls Inc. community and thrive as a result.

Take for example, a girl like Shatovia from Girls Inc. of NYC’s East Harlem Campus who will be attending college in Virginia this fall with aspirations of becoming an anesthesiologist. Shatovia credits Girls Inc. for helping her discover her potential and self-confidence:

Coming into high school, I didn’t have much confidence being a female. I was one of those girls who thought they were always ugly and worth nothing. I felt like this because I went through so much growing up. Being apart of Girls Inc. helped me realize that as a unique young women, I AM beautiful, and I should not allow anyone to put me down.

I am grateful for Girls Inc. because this program allowed me to grow from being a girl who didn’t know much of herself, to becoming a woman who shows full confidence in who she is.

Girls Inc inspires all girls to be strong, smart, and bold, a message that struck a chord with Shatovia:

From my perspective, to be strong means to have confidence in myself and my goals, and stand up as a young woman in society. When a woman is strong, she gives people the chance to realize that a woman can do anything she puts her mind to and set a positive example. To be smart means to be able to understand and have the ability to choose what’s right from wrong and make smart decisions about your life. To be bold means to be able to stand up to any stereotypes and to be unafraid of the difficulties that life may bring. To be bold means to know exactly what you want and to go for it with no hesitations.

Check out what Girls Inc. and the College Shower means to other New York City girls in the video below.

Want to help show New York City girls that they are valued?

Make a donation to Girls Inc. of NYC to help them reach their goal of giving each girl a financial award at this year’s College Shower.

Image of Shatovia by Girls Inc. of New York City.


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