Glee’s Corey Monteith is Straight not Narrow


Actor Corey Monteith has recorded a video for  the pro-LGBT Straight Not Narrow campaign.

In the video Monteith, who plays high school jock Finn Hudson in Fox’s hit show Glee, says:

“So maybe you like to play football. Maybe you like to sing and dance. Maybe you like to do both. Maybe you don’t like either. It doesn’t matter. Just be yourself. Just be you. Because that’s good enough for me.”

Monteith goes on to explain what the Straight Not Narrow campaign is all about: guys talking about guys who like other guys.

Watch the video below:

More from the Straight, Not Narrow website:

There have been a number of great campaigns and charities that have recently emerged to show support to gay youth & teens. However, we noticed one significant niche missing in the efforts… the message to the young, straight male. It’s an unfortunate reality that most of the bullying and harassment that gay teens face comes from them. It is for this reason that we are building a campaign that is primarily directed to the young, straight male by using comedy and their peers to positively influence their views on LGBT teens.

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Image taken from the Straight Not Narrow video, no infringement intended.


Sarah M.
Sarah M6 years ago


Philip Davis
Philip Davis6 years ago

Go Corey! What is important in life is being yourself, not trying to fit into anybody else's box.

Grace Adams
Grace Adams6 years ago

Everyone should be proud of their heritage whatever it is.

Don Go
Don Go6 years ago

Woohoo! I love Glee, and I'm glad his role as an accepting person isn't just on screen. :)

Tracey D.
Tracey D6 years ago

Kudos for Corey Monteith for doing this

John S.
John S6 years ago

Glad to see the younger generation are smarter and open to equality for all.

Dotti Lydon
Dotti L6 years ago

I have never watched Glee. Guess I should 'cause everybody is always talking about it.
GLBT rights are on the top of my list.

Marianne C.
Marianne C6 years ago

I, too, am straight but not narrow, and have a little rainbow badge to prove it. So the lad's in good company.