Glenn Beck Blames Michelle Obama for Biracial Spider-Man

Superheroes tend to be pretty racially homogenous.  To put it bluntly, every caped crusader I can think of is white.  So it was a refreshing change when, earlier this week, Marvel Comics announced that the new Spider-Man would be Miles Morales, a biracial teenager from Brooklyn, New York.  Morales will replace Peter Parker, who died at the hands of the Green Goblin in a recent issue of Marvel’s Ultimate Universe Spider-Man.

“We just thought, ‘Wouldn’t it be cool if Spider-Man was biracial?’” said one of the comic’s authors. “Somebody different than the comic book norm – who represented New York more.”

Critics applauded the change.  ”The very narrative of the comic book superhero is about secrecy, it’s about needing to hide and preserve something special about yourself,” said Jeff Yang of the San Francisco Chronicle. “It’s about feeling important even when the world rejects who you are.”

But Glenn Beck was less happy about the idea of racial diversity in the superhero world.  On his radio show, after repeatedly telling listeners that he “didn’t care” about the new superhero, adding that Spider-Man is just a “stupid comic book” (although he loved the musical), he finally said what was on his mind.

After playing an audio file in which Michelle Obama said, “we’re going to have to change our traditions,” Beck explored the theory that Michelle Obama was behind Marvel’s new scheme.  ”I think a lot of this stuff is being done intentionally,” he said. “What was it that Mrs. Obama said before the campaign? Because it’s strange how so much of this seems to all be happening.”

As Cynthia Wright observes in the Atlanta Post, Beck’s reaction and the many other racist responses that have been bouncing around the internet show just how necessary it is to have more diverse characters in our pop culture landscape.

“Blatant ignorance aside, it is hard not to be offended by some of the reactions regarding Morales’ ethnicity,” explained Wright. “With the current demographics of New York being so diverse – it would make sense to have someone akin to Morales. It is about time that minority characters are given more precedence instead of being relinquished to the only role that seems deserving—the sidekick.”

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Photo from The Rocketeer via flickr.


Maarja L.
Maarja L6 years ago

I remember hearing that the biracial Superman was ambiguously gay, too. Has anyone mentioned it to Beck yet? Just so that he wouldn't run out of fuel?

Sensible people have bigger issues to worry about.

Loo Samantha
Loo sam6 years ago

noted, thanks.

Bev E.
Bev E6 years ago

Maybe the comic books should make Glenn Beck the Loch Ness Monster battling with Spiderman.

Sheila D.
Sheila D6 years ago

Beck, as usual, is out of his mind. I'm surprised it took the comic books this long to get into more ethnic diversity. I just don't get how Green Goblin could have killed Peter Parker since in the movie Spiderman already killed off the Green Goblin. Guess I'll have to get the comic books and find out.

Olivia Offline S.
Past Member 6 years ago

Heroes come in a variety of colors, sizes, etc...and many of them aren't human.

Dianne Robertson
Dianne Robertson6 years ago

IS GLEN BECK STILL ALIVE AND RUNNING HIS IGNORANT MOUTH? If it's all Michelle Obama's fault--the new Spiderman NOT Glen Beck---I say GOOD FOR HER! She is a wonderful example of the AMERICAN WOMAN.She is educated,accomplished and confident.She is a wife, a mom and a daughter. She is raising beautiful, educated and aware daughters and advocating for healthy diet and human kindness. SOOOO what about Glen BECK? He is a loud mouthed bigot who's stage has fallen out from under him. What CAN he do but bad mouth others? I'll look for the new SPIDERMAN!

Chrissy Mead
Chrissy Mead6 years ago

Just a note, this is in Ultimate Spiderman. This doesn't affect the other Spiderman comid books. Peter Parker is still alive and well in the other books.

Teckla Wattman
Teckla Wattman6 years ago

I think Glenn Beck and Fred Phelps should get married. They deserve each other especially since they both have a standing reservation on the H Train. People who think like they do are narrow minded, shallow and completely nuts!

Will W.
Will Will6 years ago

Fine, but let´s also have a bit of diversity in the NBA, and women´s colleges for a change too.

Patrick F.
Patrick f6 years ago

I hope Hancock comes down from the sky and kicks Glenn Beck right in his vagina.