GLSEN Issues FRC Hate Group a Cease and Desist Order


The Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network (GLSEN) delivered a cease and desist order to the Family Research Council (FRC) on Monday over a so-called documentary the religious conservative group has been selling that GLSEN says contains bogus and defamatory allegations that could result in a lawsuit.

A statement from GLSEN reads:

The false statements in the FRC video can do real and lasting harm to our work. FRC has made those false and defamatory statements in an obvious effort to raise money, undermine GLSEN’s work and maintain the status quo: school systems where LGBT students face unacceptable levels of harassment and violence and where anti-LGBT bias is a weapon of choice for bullies. We must respond forcefully and aggressively to defend our ability to fulfill our mission, and to protect ourselves and our partners in this critical work – the countless people in school communities across the country who work with GLSEN and our chapters to ensure safe and affirming schools for all students, utilizing our resources, attending our trainings, advocating with us for urgently needed change to make a positive difference in schools.

An affront against GLSEN, such as the false and defamatory statements by FRC, is an affront against every educator who places a Safe Space Sticker outside their door to encourage a student who may face despair; every Gay-Straight Alliance member who takes part in the Day of Silence to raise awareness about anti-LGBT bullying; every person who intervenes when a student calls another an anti-LGBT name; and so many dedicated education professionals – teachers, administrators and other school staff – who do their best to bring positive change to our schools and our future every day.

The FRC implies in its documentary “The Problem With Same-Sex Marriage” that GLSEN has been distributing inappropriate material to kids in fifth through ninth grades.

Here’s a clip from the documentary the FRC posted on its YouTube page (that you will notice appears under the banner “What GLSEN Wants to Teach Your Children”):

Notice how Brian Camenker of MassResistance starts reeling off the fact that the “Little Black Book” got public money — and then quickly moved on. It’s probably because he realized first of all that the book doesn’t list GLSEN anywhere in those credits that he was showing to the camera. Red flag. Secondly, if the book is published by the group AIDS Action Committee and received public money could it in fact be that it was published to combat the spread of HIV/AIDS and was not even aimed at school kids but rather 18-year-olds and over? That’s right, the book is in fact a frank resource for adult gay men that was unfortunately left behind at a venue also hosting a GLSEN event, something which the Fenway Community Health authority took responsibility for at the time. You can read more about that here.

What’s more, this isn’t even a fresh story. The incident occurred in 2005 and was brought up by the FRC almost two years ago and though summarily debunked the FRC is still pushing this line and alleging GLSEN is corrupting children through its “vile” reading list.

The FRC and MassResistance have both been designated hate groups by the Southern Poverty Law Center for their anti-LGBT rhetoric and defamatory attacks on equality proponents.

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Photo used under the Creative Commons Attribution License with thanks to Marlith.


Mary L.
Mary L6 years ago

I love the passion of response on this thread, I have no need to say anything about LGBT people being people with rights and free will and being born "that way".

So, I want to address part of the letter GLSEN sent "school systems where LGBT students face unacceptable levels of harassment and violence..." Unacceptable levels? There are acceptable levels? Horse pucky! I know they didn't mean it that way but it sure reads that way.

At 59 I've learned a few things, among them is there is no time for hate. Loving is a full time job.

Rob and Jay B.
Jay S6 years ago

Why doesn't GLSEN sue the bigoted scum? And why don't true Christians who actually believe in the teachings of Jesus, the Prince of Peace, sue them for committing hatred in the name of Him?

Jesus never said a word against LGBT people and you'd think he would have if it was the issue these right wing faux-Christians claim it is. Jesus taught to love all people, not to hate anyone.

These followers of Moses and Mohammed should be honest about who they really follow because it sure isn't Jesus Christ.

Fortunately, most Christians are better than this group as the big majority support gay rights because they say that is what their faith compels them to do.

Don Go
Don Go6 years ago

respect has become an economy rather than a right.

Lloyd H6 years ago

Sharon, thanks, I stopped getting care2 newsletters 5 days ago, I notified care2 support on the 8/15/11, got a case number and no result so far, resubscribing has no effect what so ever. For as nice as the is it takes a lot of time to just find something worth reading or commenting on.

K s Goh
KS Goh6 years ago

Thanks for the article.

Gina H.
Gina H6 years ago

So Tavis H... lying is okay so long as it's done in the name of your god. I guess it's fine for your brave xtian soldiers to plant bombs or send snipers out to kill off the rest of the population you folks don't approve of while they hide in a safe place. After all, ya done it in the name of YOUR god. Yup... real bawlz man! That sniper guy in Norway must be a saint in your book now. Are you suggesting we play the game like you real men and start burning your homes, bombing churches and having target practice at your rallies? It is tempting cause it wouldn't be like killing "real people" would it. Kevin H. none of us ever said it did NOT take a female and male to create offspring. Is there some new miracle out there where gay men are spontaneously combusting with pregnancy we're not aware of? Or lesbians for that matter? So... if it takes a man and woman to create a child just WHERE did Christ really come from? Hmmmm..... always an exception to the rules when it's your religion. I guess you don't find pedophiles disgusting either so long as they're daddies raping their little girls (instead of boys) like good ole' Lot in the Old Testicalment. Maybe the two of you should grow a brain instead of relying on your balls to think with.

Sharon H.
Sharon H6 years ago

This is off topic and I'm going to post it on every thread today, but several people have told me that they have quit getting the daily Care2 news via their emails. It seems that it's affecting quite a few. My suggestion to them was to subscribe again because that's what I had to do awhile back when it happened to me. If it's happening to a lot of people, we might have to notify the C2 staff so that they're aware of yet another glitch.

Janice A.
Janice Adams6 years ago

It has always been my experience that people can only relate what they are when talking about the other side. Therefore homophobes generally are saying. If I had a chance or an offer I would definitely turn gay I have to fight that urge every day. Therefore I think that given an offer or a chance all other people will turn gay. It is such a transparent argument you would think they would be ashamed to bring it on. Also if they would just stop imagining what two men or two women might be doing with each other their world would suddenly be much better.

Andrew Carvin6 years ago

Homophobia = Not understanding that you can refuse to participate in something that someone else likes, and then trying to force your preference upon that other person.

Andrew Carvin6 years ago

In order to be a homophobe it has to occupy a significant part of your brain, and this means that homophobes are thinking about men/women rubbing penises/vaginas together in a 24/7 gay porno. That’s an awful lot of gay thoughts for supposedly straight people who hate gays. I bet even gay people don’t think about gay stuff as much as homophobes do.

Homophobes (aka Anti-Gay Movement) are not protesting against bestiality, pedophilia (with/without a priest involved), rape, sexual exploitation, or any other form of non-consensual sexual act in which a victim is forced against their will to participate

The Homophobes are protesting a private sexual act being performed by two consenting adults.


Homosexuals = fighting for the right to control their own behavior.

Homophobes = fighting for the right to control other peoples behavior.