Goats Rescued From 60-Foot Tall Perch

Two young goats were rescued Wednesday after spending nearly two days stranded 60-feet in the air on a narrow 6-inch ledge of an old railroad bridge in Montana.  A piece of mining equipment brought them to safety.


The Rimrock Humane Society in Roundup, Montana received a call Wednesday morning from a person who reported seeing two goats stuck on the train bridge.  The two female goats had been there for nearly two days.


Sandy Church, president of the Rimrock Humane Society, Cory Freeman from Animal Edventures and a deputy from the Musselshell County sheriff’s department traveled to the area to investigate.


“We have absolutely no idea how or why these little critters would go out on this bridge,” Church told the Billings Gazette.  “The only thing we can figure is it happened at night and they were unsure of their surroundings.  Once morning came, they were too scared to walk back where they came from.”


Church worried the goats would fall off their high perch.  The animals stayed on the angled thin ledge during their entire ordeal, even though a wider pillar was only a few feet away.  Once in a while they tried to lie down, but then quickly realized it made them more vulnerable.


“The whole time, we thought they were going to fall off,” Church told The Associated Press.  “These guys are just babies.”


Authorities were contacted on Tuesday, when the goats were first seen.  But there was some confusion about their exact location and it took Church and her co-workers to actually find the stranded animals.


The three organizations brainstormed about how to safely rescue the goats.  They enlisted the help of officials at Signal Peak Energy, which operates a nearby coal mine. 


Byron Kinn, surface superintendent for Signal came to the bridge and studied the situation. 


Finally mine boss John DeMichiei signed off on a rescue plan at 1 p.m.


DeMichiei brought a piece of mining equipment to the bridge, with an arm high enough to reach the goats.


“We thought they were going to panic, but it was just the opposite,” said Church who videotaped the five minute rescue.


The goats were hungry, but in good condition.  They were taken to Freeman’s animal sanctuary.


The two goats had collars around their necks, and Church and Freeman are searching for their owner.  Both rescuers hope the animals were not abandoned, but if it turns out that way — there are a lot of people already offering to adopt the goats.




Rimrock Humane Society


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Thank God the goats didn't fall, thanks for saving them.

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I'm so glad the animals were rescued. Thanks for the video. However, I would have liked to see the two little goats step on solid ground and see them a little closer. ;-)

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I'm glad they are ok & didn't get spooked by the crane

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Increible el lugar q eligieron las cabritas, muy bien por el rescate !

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Awww dear things! A happy ending! Great story.

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Well done to the rescuers.