Good Samaritans Save Disabled Veteran’s Dog From Death

After being accused of biting a neighbor, Mimi — service dog to disabled veteran Steven Woods — was taken from her home. The neighbor took Mimi to court three months after the incident, despite initially claiming it was not Mimi who had bit him. On Veteran’s Day, a two-day court battle ended with a judge ruling Mimi a “dangerous dog.”

The judge gave Woods 15 days to pay a $500 dangerous dog registration fee, the impounding fees of $16 a day for six weeks, the cost to neuter Mimi, build a six foot fence and purchase a $100,000 liability insurance policy. If Steven did not follow these requirements, Mimi would be put to death. Steven Woods’ monthly disability check is nowhere near enough to pay the fines — leaving him fearful he would never get his beloved companion back.

Thanks to generous animal lovers around the world, donations were quickly sent to pay the fees needed to bring Mimi home. In the end, it was an emotional and happy reunion. Randy Turner, Steven’s lawyer, expressed his gratitude to all who supported them:

“I want to say again how profoundly grateful that Steven and I are for the incredible outpouring of support that he and Mimi received from all over the DFW area, Texas, the U.S., Canada, and Europe. Thanks to your countless emails and phone calls to Ft. Worth government officials we were able to get Mimi back home without months of protracted litigation that, quite frankly, we might have lost in the end.

On a personal level, the response we received in this case has given a big boost to my faith in two-legged animals. I have been amazed at the diversity of Steven’s supporters — liberal, conservative, young, old, black, white — every demographic you can think of. This case just shows how much good can be accomplished when people come together for a good cause, like saving an animal and helping a disabled war veteran.”

Congratulations to Steven and Mimi on their reunion and thank you to all who supported them. Your support truly makes a difference.

Due to an excessive amount of emails, Steven and Randy have a hard time responding to all of their supporters’ kind words. Steven has shared a link to his Facebook page for any updates of Mimi.

Photo Courtesy of Randy Turner


JD She
JD She7 months ago


Shirley S
Shirley S7 months ago

I sincerely hope everything is going well for Steve & Mimi.

W. C
W. Cabout a year ago

Thank you.

William C
William Cabout a year ago


Patricia H.
Patricia H.4 years ago

great share

susan a.
susan a4 years ago

The law is an ass!And when it comes to dogs ,it's guilty ,and when proven innocent(because nine times out of ten it's something humans did to cause it)then it's still guilty!

Julia Cabrera-Woscek

I do not know what kind of judge makes his judgement from the bench without even getting close to the animal itself.

Nils Anders Lunde
PlsNoMessage s4 years ago

Great :-)

Steve Yakoban
Steve Yakoban4 years ago

Pets and vets deserve our respect.

Kat K.
Kat K4 years ago

The neighbor "initially claimed that it was not Mimi who bit him"~~wouldn't that raise some kind of red flag of misrepresentation of the truth?? Seems to me this should have been thrown out of court to begin with, as the alleged victim's allegations were uncorroborated. This person seems most unreliable to me, so what was that judge thinking?? What a nasty piece of work to treat a veteran and his service animal this way. Seems to me that he has the "God-syndrome" and is misusing his power over people and situations like this. Perhaps he needs to step down and find some other means of making a living, as judges should be compassionate as well, and a lot are, but not this one~~seems he has become calloused or maybe he has always been a nasty piece of work. I think people like him are very unhappy with themselves and their lives, so they take it out on people who cannot defend themselves. Very sad, indeed.