GOP Already Playing Debt Limit Games Again.

During the height of last summer’s debt ceiling negotiations between Republicans and the Obama administration the GOP demanded a dollar-for-dollar match between guaranteed cuts and any newly allocated borrowing authority.

They didn’t get that, or at least not quite. Instead, they took nearly half spending cuts up front with the other half tied to the success or failure of the Super Committee, a bi-partisan commission tasked with securing $1.2 trillion in deficit reduction. To make sure there was no funny business in negotiations moving forward both the GOP leaders and the White House agreed that if the Super Committee failed, it would result in $600 billion in automatic, across the board cuts to defense spending and another $600 billion in domestic cut to come mostly from Medicare.

Well, surprise surprise. Republicans are now pressuring the White House to let them out of the defense cuts in a move described by House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) called “skullduggery”.

The across the board defense cuts were designed to force Republicans to negotiate further budgets in good faith–a necessary evil since the GOP has become so beholden to tax cuts for the rich absolutism that literally no other business in Washington gets done. The fact that they are trying to squirm out of it now ahead of a new round of budget cuts shows they were not negotiating in good faith then nor are they now.

The question is, will the American public finally catch on?

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Phil P.
Phil P5 years ago

@ John H.'s response to Mercedes: "Mercedes. I guess if you don't like someone else's response there (sic they're) a troll and you want to kick them out sounds like that's a democrat way of life.".

Pot calling the kettle black. You, Diane and Linda actually practice that bit of stifling opposing views with regularity on Political Derby where you all practice your hate Obama and race baiting and ban any who call you out. First Christian, then Gary (of course you warned him but then kicked him off in the next breath before he commented again) and then I've been banned without warning for my post on this thread for refuting Diane and calling Ray C's threat to sue utter nonsense.

In America most have freedom of speech to openly express one's opinion, except in those areas controlled by right-wing extremists such as those that can be found on Care2's group - Political Scurvy.

Inga Sherrill
Inga S5 years ago

There is No Excuse for This!
Medicare is taking care of our elderly and retired, many of whom had retirement plans (and worked 20 to 30 years for them) then the company they contracted with took a bankruptcy!
Have the Banks Pay down the deficit by Repaying what was given to them, with interest! If we would audit the FED we would know how much tax money was given to Big Business that even Congress didn't know about! It has come out that there was a large amount.
The debt of 2 wars, Bank Bailouts, Real estate bust (Criminal Charges Do Apply) can not be overcome in a budget cut! Do Not take the medications, Doctor care and food away from my aged mother! She's worked hard for it, just as my father did before he passed.
I don't want to live in a country where I have to put up a block wall with glass on top around my home. Our "social programs" are what keeps that from happening here.
We have too much at stake for these folks to be jerking us around!
The 99% has to speak now and at the voting booth, BUT we do need some Brave Souls to step up and give us a Choice on election day too!
Clean Up DC!

Charlene Rush
Charlene Rush5 years ago

The GOP is so perplexed and desperate right now, they don't know which way to turn.
The funny thing is, they asked for this problem, in the first place. They greeted and encouraged the Tea Party and now, don't comprehend a method to get rid of them, afraid to losing their vote.

Lynnette Bower
Lynnette Bower5 years ago

The dumbing down of america has been accomplished. There is no cure for stupid, we are doomed.

Kenny West
Kenny Wes5 years ago

John C

The success of negative ads is showing us we're not capable of intelligent determination. This country doesn't deserve an intelligent President.

Kenny West
Kenny Wes5 years ago

The republicans are turning to the debt issue because it's the only thing they have to run on. They don't have any good ideas for the recovery. To all you republicans and stupid republican leaning independents. You can't cut spending until we recover unless your trying to make it worst. Even idiots should be able to understand that. When we do recover we are all going to have to pay our way out, even the rich people. We need to get rid of the republican party. They want smaller government, well guess where they can start.

John B.
John Bonetti5 years ago

Hi John C. You may be right. I tried to be fair, but I am definitely not bias. I did suggest a compromise, entitlement reform and tax reform, including the higher incomes paying a little more. I try not to demonize the other point of view, because they have a perfect right to feel the way they do. I know that usually, things are not black and white, and all sides have some valid points. Take care.

Kenny West
Kenny Wes5 years ago

This is just republicans trying to create more instability in our recovery. They are so obvious, the only people that can't see it, is their stupid base.

john casablanca
john casablanca5 years ago

i have read diano o and john b and others in response. here we go again, tit for tate. all give
their proposals and condemnations that suit their purpose and ideologies. but once again
there is no suggesting of compromise.BOTH parties have failed us in their own ways.
perhaps if we stopped looking backwards and started to look forwards and our elected
congressional and senatorial representatives did what they were suppose to do,
represent 'WE THE PEOPLE" (all the people) we would be able to get out of this recession.
and if only, we the people when we elect our officials, would use our brains instead of
emotions, perhaps our country would be a better place for all. it would also help if we
would become more rational in our thought process (instead of emotions) when we elect
all our officials, from local upto and including the presidency.
i believe it is time for all of us to start behaving like adults, including all our government
john c.

Walter G.
Walter G5 years ago

Analyzing that expression on our 'Sneaker of the house' Senator Boner, events are not unfolding the way he wants them to. I guess he found his pocket calculator and discovered he just cut the amount of money his blind trust will receive for his maneuverings.
Just my idea, of course, unfounded and un-proved, like so many of the cockeyed laws we see introduced lately, I feel that every one of our elected representatives, and the Judicial branch not to mention the Executive Branch, all benefit materially in some obscure way from the continuation of non-sealing of the Southern border, the never ending, dysfunctional “War on Drugs,” and dozens of other efforts which bring no real outcome to their efforts and cost us unimaginable amounts of money. Other large ‘cash cows’ are foreign aid and emergency funding as in the case of the New Orleans debacle. How can we have elections when we are not electing a government, but merely a collection of untouchable racketeers? Take uncontrolled congressional insider trading as an example, that alone may have brought our economy to its knees. Something the government is not telling us is how many people are leaving the US, 'voting with their feet,’ to live as ex-pats. All I know is what I see here in my 3rd world country. People are moving from the states to this location much more than I can remember they have ever done before.