GOP Donor Busted in Human Trafficking Case

Last week the FBI arrested employees of Global Horizons Manpower Inc in what has been described as one of the largest human-trafficking cases in U.S. history.  According to Associated Press reports, recruiters from the group lured over 400 Thai workers to the United States with false promises of lucrative jobs, then confiscated their passports, failed to honor employment contracts and threatened to deport them.

The company has been implicated in violating labor laws and underpaying workers in the past.  Most of Orian’s workers are placed in large scale farming operations, picking crops in states such as Hawaii, Washington and Arizona.  If convicted on these trafficking charges Orian could face 70 years in prison.

The business owner and key grab in the sweep is 45 year-old Mordechai Orian, CEO of Los Angeles-based labor contracting group and big financial backer of the GOP.

Among some of the more key contributions, Orian gave tens of thousands of dollars to the National Republican Congressional Committee on eight separate occasions between 2004 and 2006 when the then-Republican-led Congress sought to pass a major immigration reform bill that would have expanded the guest-worker program.  The legislation ultimately failed and, well, we’re living with the results of Congress failing to address immigration reform then.

Ironically, Orian has painted himself as a moral crusader against illegal immigration.  In 2007 Orian tried, and failed, to take over rival labor contractor J &A Contracting.  Orian had stated publicly that his company lost a major client to J&A because J&A was willing to provide cheaper, illegal workers. 

Orian’s case begs the question of, with an expanded guest worker system to track workers and regulate employers, just how lucrative would human trafficking for corporations remain?

photo courtesy of deslia via Flickr


April Thompson
April Thompson7 years ago

Convict him!

Kathy Z.
Kathy Z7 years ago

Those who come thru the proper channels like my ancestors did - okay. Those who are here illegally and draining the coffers need to go.
Importing slaves? DISGUSTING.

jane richmond
jane richmond7 years ago

This is my shocked face.

Jennifer T.
Jennifer T7 years ago

A hypocritical Republican? Oh what a surprise.

mary jo m.
mary jo meek7 years ago

Would you have headlined "DNC donor...." if he'd been one? given your obvious bias, of course not. There are scumbags in both parties. Deport all the illegals draining our coffers dry and make their employers pay w/huge fines----hit them where it hurts.

Jennifer Martin
Jennifer M7 years ago

Absolutely disgusting.

Verity P.
7 years ago

I hope that he will be subject to assets confiscation, as well as a custodial sentence.

Patricia Ann A.
Patricia A7 years ago

It gets more sickening everyday.

Thomas Lee B.
Thomas Lee B7 years ago

The only real surprise is that someone in authority wants to do something about it. I wonder how long that will last when the Publicans crank up their "free speech" on K Street.

Dean P.
Dean P7 years ago

Lots of people right here in the good ol' USA would like to have any job available in their NATIVE country! Just a chance to make an honest buck!! We have to many illegals in this country now!! Really should start a massive deportation crusade and put the fat cats in prison where they can have a taste of reality.