GOP Forms Lobbying Group To Fight Contraceptive Coverage

Conservatives are scrambling to stop the shedding of women supporters now that the magnitude of their political miscalculation in attacking contraception has become apparent. That means we can expect a big push to reframe this debate again as one of religious liberty, and it also means we can expect a lot of money behind that reframing as the Republican establishment goes into crisis management mode on contraception.

We’ve already seen the Catholic Bishop’s eagerness to find ways of exploiting campaign finance laws. Now a collection of conservative leaders including many from the former Bush administration have founded an advocacy group to push for measures exempting religious organizations from the federal contraception mandate.

Those involved in the new anti-contraception 501(c)(4) organization, named Conscience Cause, include former presidential adviser Mary Matalin, a former Republican National Committee Chairman, a former Boston Mayor and ambassador to the Vatican, among others. The group’s sole stated purpose is to stop “the implementation of a Department of Health and Human Services regulation which would compel people and organizations to pay for drugs and services that violate their faith.”

This broad statement of purpose is of course the same exact sentiment behind the Blunt Amendment, so it’s hard to see what this group will accomplish aside from funneling dollars into this debate. Religious institutions are already exempt from the contraception mandate while secular employers are not.

Again, conservatives seem to have a difficult time understanding that their free exercise of religious rights cannot, in a secular society, go so far as to become an imposition of their faith on another person. That is the balance struck in the First Amendment and in the religious exercise jurisprudence. But that’s exactly what this movement is about, and no amount of “reframing” can change that.

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LD B5 years ago

Time to strip the Big Business of the Vatican of its tax exempt status.

Charlene Rush
Charlene Rush5 years ago

If the Catholic Church put as much effort into their condemnation of pedophile priests, the world would be a much better place.

Kathy M.
Kathleen M6 years ago

I now believe that because lawmakers at every level of government have no earthly idea what to do about the economy or how to stop taking money from their corporate cronies, they have become obsessed with women's reproductive rights. It's as if we've fallen down the rabbit hole and come out in the land of Alice's worst nightmare!!

Mark S.
Mark S6 years ago

Good. Then they can support the babies once they are born!! Thanks, GOP!!!

Christopher Fowler

The same idiots that use the "religious freedom/1st amendment" argument to oppose this are the same ones that are ignoring religious freedom and the 1st amendment in order to force their religion's views into secular law, forcing the rest of us to live by their religion's doctrine.

Their hypocrisy knows no bounds.

Past Member 6 years ago

thanks for posting this

Kelly M.
Kelly M.6 years ago

I still cannot believe there are people who think taxpayer dollars has anything to do with this! THE GOVERNMENT is not paying for birth control. Insurance policy holders do. The mandate is just to ensure that everyone has an insurance policy gets their birth control provided from their insurance company. YOU AREN'T PAYING FOR ANYONE ELSE TO HAVE SEX!!!

Catherine D.
Catherine D6 years ago

When I was young, horny and broke, I made all my boyfriends pay for the birth control.

I asked them, do you want to become a parent just because you had sex with me?
They all said, "No".

We had our fun. We went our separate ways. Sweet and simple.

s. ryan
p. q6 years ago

lysistrata (cough)

Jim Bynum
James Bynum6 years ago

When you hold the secrets, you can make the truth what you want for what every reason. According to the Catholic doctrine, masturbation is worse than adultery and incest because God killed Onan for dropping his seed on the ground. God even killed the child of Bathsheba and David, not because of adultery, but because David killed her husband to cover it up. It is time for the facts concerning what the preachers know and you don't.