GOP Oppose Violence Against Women Act Because It Helps Too Many

Will this war on women ever end?

For the first time in its history the landmark Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) faces partisan opposition to renewal as Republicans hold up protections for victims of domestic abuse over concerns the measure helps too many people.

For real.

Since VAWA was first enacted the reporting of domestic violence has increased by as much as 51 percent. The legislation, introduced by then-Senator Joe Biden was aimed at improving the response to domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault and stalking. The bill for re-authorization sponsored by Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-VT) and Sen. Mike Crapo (R-Idaho)–who is not on the Judiciary Committee– would place an increased emphasis on reducing domestic homicides and sexual assault, strengthen housing protections for domestic violence victims and focus more on the high rates of violence among teens and young adults.

Despite these loft goals the legislation attracted no GOP support in committee and was passed out on a party-line vote of 10-8. According to Leahy’s office, this is the first time VAWA legislation did not receive bipartisan backing out of committee.

The Republican-led objections are starting to sound a lot like those swirling around the birth-control mandate. Sen. Charles Grassley (R-Iowa) is leading the charge against reauthorization over provisions that offer protections to domestic abuse victims that happen to be LGBT or undocumented immigrants.

Leahy is concerned that his colleagues are objecting because, in his words, the bill is trying to “protect too many victims.” “You cannot say that we will seek to stop domestic violence, but only for certain people,” he said. “It just boggles the mind. It goes against everything I ever knew as a prosecutor, but it also goes against everything I know as a human being.”
Grassley’s objections are telling, especially as the right moves to try and create “conscious” exclusions for birth control and any other mandate it objects too. I would not at all be surprised to see more Blunt-style amendments attached to previously-popular bills like VAWA to placate the bigots in the right. We could very well be on the verge of a true constitutional showdown between equal protection under the law and individual liberty.

Finally, it’s hard to fathom how as a country we got here. Protecting victims of domestic violence is not, nor can it be, a partisan exercise or priority. Just ask any cop on the beat who has responded to a domestic abuse call, any judge or advocate working with victims or the children who are raised in abusive homes. Republicans have taken their politicking off the lives of the vulnerable to a new low.

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Robyn F.
Robyn O'Neill5 years ago

I was abused by my late husband, both physically and mentally. Experience can lead to understanding. Protection is necessary.

Bradford S.
Bradford S5 years ago

See that Kathleen? There's one right there.

LOL. Is that the best you can come up with Pam? Thanks for proving my point. : )

pam w.
pam w5 years ago

BRADFORD...."if we DON't "ogle" them, either that, or they accuse us of being gay.
I know, because it happens to me all the time, & I don't look at them anyway, just to deflate their huge egos."


Bradford S.
Bradford S5 years ago

Kathleen H.

Men "ogle & grope women"??? I don't know what country you've been living in, but in the U.S.A. if a man "gropes" a woman without her permission he goes to jail, after being beaten up by the woman & others in the area.

Of course women see nothing wrong with them groping a man they think is attractive, whether they know each other or not, & then they have the nerve to talk about how MEN are sexist.

As far as "ogling" women, the quickest way for a man in the U.S.A. to get looks of rage & hatred from women is if we DON't "ogle" them, either that, or they accuse us of being gay.
I know, because it happens to me all the time, & I don't look at them anyway, just to deflate their huge egos.

Bradford S.
Bradford S5 years ago

Kathleen H.
I don't know where you've gotten all those ideas you've posted but I can take a likely guess. Nevertheless, you are so far off base on so many points it pathetic, & please don't take that as a personal attack against you. I'm not saying that to belittle or be rude to you.
I haven't the time now to touch on the points you mentioned except for a few; #1 in my experience, even in the "macho" military etc. & from what I've heard & seen, it's not fathers or other men who men who push male children to be "macho" & to "stuff normal feelings" (& it starts in childhood), its the MOTHERS & women in general who laugh at or ridicule boys & later men who let their softer side show, all the while treating female children & other women as if theiy're wonderful, beautiful china teacups or something.
#2 Men don't hate themselves & take it out on women as you claim, they hate WOMEN, whether they're physically attracted to them or not, because of all the abuse, manipulation & exploitation they've received from all the evil, rotten, sexist females they've encountered throughout their lives. If men, in general have a self hatred, it's because they're so strongly attracted to the evil b-----s that treat them so bad.
Contrary to your claim, men don't talk S--t "about women behind their backs", that sounds like something women do, & you know it, & is probably "projection" on your part. The only instances I've seen or heard in my li

Kathleen H.
Kathleen Hogan5 years ago

The problem lies with the way men are raised and the pushed by other men to be 'macho', to stuff normal feelings, and to take their self- hatred out on women. Men are given a bunch of beliefs that they have to deal with, either with spiritual groups, therapy, reading books, talking to men (or women) who have figured out the truth about these rotten beliefs, etc. The beliefs include its OK to talk shit about women behind their backs, OK to ogle and grope women, men are somehow better than women, women need to be led and protected by men, its not OK to have feelings, its OK to hit other men, men have to succeed in certain ways in society or you are 'less than' other men, its OK to demand sex from your wife, you own your wife, you have to be tough at all times and not vulnerable, etc etc. These beliefs lead to confusion, rage, and acting out against women. Personal shame and lack of perceived power lead to dominating behaviors and violence. There is hope for men if they go to 12 step meetings, a church that preaches absolute equality of the sexes, therapy, being vulnerable with safe people who help figure out and let go of the pain around believing the damaging beliefs, doing re-evaluation co-counseling, reading books that teach we create our lives with our beliefs, etc. Get help men, please!!!

Duane B.
.5 years ago

Thank you for sharing.

Monique R.
Monique R5 years ago

I can't understand how anyone can reject an action that aims at reducing violence !!!

Bradford S.
Bradford S5 years ago

"You cannot say that we will seek to stop domestic violence, but only for certain people", REALLY??

Then why is the bill only to stop violence aginst women?? Why not domestic violence against everybody, period?

Annimari--"more help for men than women"?? Can you present ANY facts to back that incredible statement up??

Where & when have you ever seen a shelter for battered men??

Our society as a whole coddles & protects women against any insult, slight or threat, while men are told in the same circumstances to "man up", "get over it" etc from early childhood.

In most instances a woman can be disrespectful, insulting/verbally abusive etc. to a man she's never even met, or slap a man in the face with impunity & with the flimsiest excuse, or for no reason at all, & this kind of nonsense is encouraged & acted out in sitcoms etc on T.V., movies etc. every day, whereas if another man had said or done those things to the man he would be punched in the face or even beaten to a pulp.

if the roles were reversed & a man did or said those same things to a woman in public, in most instances again, he would be beaten to a pulp by the men around him, because they've been brainwashed by their mothers & American society in general (& to a high degree) to pamper & protect women, yet here we've got another bill to protect WOMEN against domestic violence, so women (again) can get special, preferential treatment, & women still claim th

Neil A.
Neil A5 years ago

This should not be up as it is 1 year old but anyway it shows just how twisted so many Repugs are! You cannot say that we will seek to stop domestic violence, but only for certain people,” he said. “It just boggles the mind. It goes against everything I ever knew as a prosecutor, but it also goes against everything I know as a human being. well Repugs seem a bit Sub human in their thinking.