GOP Rep Compares Sandra Fluke To a “Studding Bulldog”

Law student and reproductive rights advocate Sandra Fluke has been called a lot of things since she testified for the need for access to contraceptives without a copay — slut, drama queen, democratic plant.

But “bulldog at stud?” And by a sitting politician? Well, that’s a new one.

According to Mother Jones, State Representative Krayton Kerns, a Montana Republican, tried to explain his opposition to the idea that women shouldn’t need to pay a copay when get birth control through insurance by comparing her to a “bulldog” he knew in veterinary school who was hired out to impregnate other dogs.  “John was a swinger, but not your typical a sex symbol. He was hairy, had short legs, fat belly and he slobbered a lot, but the vet school rumor mill said he was earning nearly $300 per week practicing his trade. John’s registered name was John-Boy and he was a grand champion English bulldog owned by a pharmacology instructor at Colorado State. Lamenting John-Boy’s stud service popularity, Steve, a classmate of mine whined, ‘That dang dog makes $1000 per month in stud fees and I can’t even give it away.’ Enough said about the good old days and this brings me to my point: How in the world did the political debate descend to the level of contraception for coeds?”

Actually, it doesn’t really bring him to any point, unless he was trying to say that if a woman wants to be able to afford birth control she should charge men to have sex.  And, as for the story of “John-boy,” it seems as if Kerns might be straining to make a “bitch in heat” equation in here somewhere, too.

Seem a little extreme?  Well, this is a man who tried to pass a bill to allow guns in schools and churches.

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Rex J.
Rex J5 years ago

Sue T'

With all due respect Sue you're comments aren't very intellectual. First men pay less for health insurance policies than women do and men get their Viagra paid for. Is that fair? Conservatives cry about abortions yet here is a way for women to get their contraception and prevent unwanted pregnancies there for preventing more abortions and your complaining. If you were a liberal when you were younger then you've regressed mentally back into conservatism. Thinking things through and seeing things from all angles isn't something conservatives are good at. conservatives had a chance to help prevent more abortions but instead they'd rather do nothing and just insult those who do.

Jade H.
Jade H5 years ago

As a friend of mine's grandmother use to say....There's no sense in being stupid if you don't show it! LOL

Pat B.
Pat B5 years ago

Don't like this sort of shit? VOTE. And if you don't vote, then you have no right to complain about what the elected men do for the next 2 years.

Jean W.
Jean W5 years ago

Sue T. do men pay for their own viagra?

Ken W.
Ken W5 years ago

This is so small some people SUCK !!!!!!!!!

Karen C.
Karen C5 years ago

Free speech, okay. America, we are way to tolerant of ignorant, sexist, politicians and we need to put this nonsense to a stop. VOTE!

Edith B.
Edith B5 years ago

This man shows his true hatred of women. And, Sue t., so do you.

Sue T.
Susan T5 years ago

this story is just so stupid.

As a young woman in the 80's i paid for my birth control. Is it really that much more expensive now?

I have to shake my head and think this is such bullshit posturing. I was a liberal and I grew up. I am still one of the so labeled 99 but I will never be part of you.

pay your way, don't have sex if you cannot deal with the results.

Stephan B.
Stephan Brown5 years ago

i think I 'll apply for a a small business licience in Montana. Being hard economic times, I will comombine a second hand condom shaop with day old sushi and bait shop. With his constituents, the people who put him in offise, my business will do verry well. Nothing will seem wrong to them cheap Bas*&rds!

Sharon S.
Sharon S5 years ago

A$%&*@E., plain & simple.