Gordo The Paralyzed Shih Tzu Takes His First Steps (Video)

Gordo, the paralyzed Shih Tzu who was rescued by New Jersey based Pet ResQ Inc. after his owner abandoned him in a high-kill animal shelter, has been making great progress since surgery was performed to fix a ruptured disk in his spine. Even his caretaker didn’t know how much he had improved until the day she forgot to bring the sling that supported his hind legs.

“The day Gordo decided to walk I took him in the car to meet up with volunteers on a morning walk,” said Karen Colangelo, who has been caring for Gordo in her home. “I actually forgot his sling. We decided to just stand him up to do his physical therapy exercises and that is when he took off in his ‘drunken sailor’ stride. We kept pinching ourselves all day to say yes he is really still walking. Kandy who is in the video called me all day and the next to make sure Gordo was he still walking.”

Gordo’s rescue and recovery contain enough drama that it could be turned into a “tearjerker” movie. His story is proof that the life of every animal matters.

Abandoned to a Manhattan city shelter because he needed expensive spinal surgery, the little paralyzed dog sat in a cage for days with a full bladder that he could not empty himself. When he was added to the list of dogs scheduled to be euthanized, the founder of Pet ResQ Inc. knew she had to try and save him.

First, Gordo was examined by a veterinarian who gave the animal rescue group little hope the dog would ever regain use of his hind legs, but founder Robyn Urman scheduled a second opinion with a neurologist. An MRI showed that Gordo had a ruptured disk and severe bruising on his spine, but the veterinarian was optimistic about a full recovery.  Gordo had surgery on July 26.

Since that time he has been surrounded with a dedicated team of professionals and volunteers who have worked with him on each phase of his recovery. He received daily physical therapy, electro-stimulation and water therapy. At night he received love and attention from his volunteer caregiver Karen.

The day Gordo showed his caregivers and friends that he could walk on his own was a big surprise for everyone. Each day he is getting stronger. He even took a stroll on the Jersey shore. The volunteers at Pet ResQ Inc. have done a wonderful job helping this little guy heal. To read more about Gordo’s recovery and when he will be available for adoption, daily updates are posted on his Facebook page: Find Gordo A Home.


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Photo Credit: PetResQInc


Duane B.
.4 years ago

Thank you for sharing.

Marlene Dinkins
mar l ene d5 years ago

wonderful for gordo~~!!!! :)

Marlene Dinkins
mar l ene d5 years ago

bravissimo gordo!!!!!!! you are beautiful!!!!!! ciao

Maria D'Oporto
Past Member 5 years ago

Bravo Gordo!!!

L E E.
Lois E5 years ago

Gordo is a Lhasa Apso, not a Shih Tzu. I have had six Lhasa Apsos and know. Shih Tzus are smaller with pushed in faces.

Sheri D.
Sheri D5 years ago

Thank you to everyone who helped Gordo!

Anita Wisch
Anita Wisch5 years ago

OMG! That is sooooooo awesome!

Carrie Anne Brown

great video :) thanks for sharing :)

Julia Tawyea'
Julia Tawyea'5 years ago

There should be a requirement to spay and neuter all animals, and those should be done Free, and also have no shelter allkowed to Murder animals.. All OIver The World!! We Are Their Voices of All and We Are Their Protectors!! From Nursery School Children Should Be Taught That All Animals Deserve Love and Respect.. If A Child Does Not Like This, They Must Go To Councelling..

David V.
David V5 years ago

I am so happy for that pooch.

More should be done for injured, sick, and old animals. Killing them is not the solution...they give so much love and loyalty, they deserve to be given every chance possible.