Gov. McDonnell Signs Ultrasound Law

Well, it was only a matter of time.

Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell (R) signed into law Virginia’s mandatory ultrasound law, making the state the eighth to require such a procedure.

Below is Gov. McDonell’s statement regarding the law in its entirety.

“The issue of abortion raises passionate feelings among many Virginians, based on one’s own views on life and liberty.  While debates in the legislature over the decades may seem to indicate there is no common ground to be found on this issue, I believe that areas of agreement can and do exist.  Most agree that a woman’s decision to seek an abortion is difficult, irreversible and life-altering.  Nearly everyone agrees that reducing the number of abortions is a laudable goal.  I believe that we become a more compassionate society when we enact reasonable legislation to protect innocent human life.

“Women have a right to know all the available medical and legal information surrounding the abortion decision before giving legally effective informed consent. Informed consent is already required prior to an abortion being performed in Virginia, based on the longstanding health care concept that complete information about a medical procedure must be given to a patient before she can freely consent to a procedure.  As difficult as an abortion decision is, the information provided by ultrasounds, along with other information given by the doctor pursuant to current law and prevailing medical practice, can help the mother make a fully informed decision.

“This bill does not legally alter a woman’s ability to make a choice regarding her pregnancy. It does, however, put Virginia in line with 23 other states that have some type of requirement that a woman be offered a view of an ultrasound before an abortion can be performed.

“I previously recommended amendments to the legislature to remove any requirement in this bill for a state mandated internal ultrasound procedure, and the General Assembly agreed that amendments were necessary. I do not believe any woman should be required by the state to undergo such an ultrasound, without her consent, as a precondition to another medical procedure. The bill I signed today ensures that will not occur.

“As I have for 21 years as a public servant, I consider it important to embrace a culture of life in our Commonwealth, and to protect the life and liberty of all of our citizens. While we sometimes reach different policy conclusions in our great, free nation, let us continue to work together with respect and civility for the common good.”

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Debbie Crowe
Debbie Crowe5 years ago

It sounds to me like Gov. McDonnell is talking out both sides of his mouth!!
1. “This bill does not legally alter a woman’s ability to make a choice regarding her pregnancy.
2. It does, however, put Virginia in line with 23 other states that have some type of requirement that a woman be offered a view of an ultrasound before an abortion can be performed.

John Kramer
John Kramer6 years ago

It is time for all the Virginia residants to vote out all the state legislators in the Virginia Assembley for who ever voted for the bill that requires women to have ultra sounds before having abortions. It is time to teach these state legislators a lesson. I encourage all women and pro-choice advocates in Virginia to go to the polls and vote this year. This is election year in Virginia. You must vote those incumbants who voted for the bill that fools with womens rights in Virginia out of office. They won't listen to you, unless you vote. You have to vote.

Mark S.
Mark S6 years ago

yeah anti -rights people, douse yourselves in gas and light it to show how much you hate abortion!!!

Mark S.
Mark S6 years ago

Mark S.
Mark S6 years ago

preborn, you're fine, pre school you're f&*&ed!!!

Luvenia V.
Luvenia V6 years ago

To the Republicans and members of the Tea Party that back this kind of dictatorship I say, Sieg Heil and enjoy 1984 because YOU allowed it. To bad you are dragging people that believe in TRUE American values down with you.

Lynda Mahoney-Turner
Lynda Mahoney6 years ago

Well, it's always a good idea to visualize your prey before you slaughter it. Face it, people. If anyone truly had the right to do what they want with their bodies, no one would try to prevent suicides, either. Abortion is just a sorry way of saying, "I didn't take responsibility for my own actions before, so I'll further shirk responsibility by tossing the evidence in a biohazard bag." My, how enlightened everyone is.

Sheila D.
Sheila D6 years ago

Another man determined to control women through laws that control their decisions about their bodies. Whether you believe in birth control, abortions, body piercing, or tatoos, it should be YOUR decision, not the governments, if you choose to do any of these things. If men could have their way, women would go back to being property, along with children and livestock. Then you won't have anything to say about any of it.

Terri Lynn Merritts
Terri M6 years ago

Why exactly do the men of Virginia and these other red states feel that they have the right to demand that women have ANY ultrasounds at all or that they should discourage women from seeking a legal medical procedure? It is none of their business and the Republican Christian Taliban needs to stay out of women's vaginas. The reason they are pushing trans-vaginal probe ultrasounds is because the 1/2 inch clot of tissue will not show up on a traditional ultrasound and no one will hear the lone vein that will become a heart if the pregnancy continues during the first trimester when most abortions occur. Notice they are against providing anything to the unwanted children they force on women once born. I will be boycotting any state that passes such a law. They have nothing I want to see.

Deborah L.
Deborah L6 years ago

reasonable legislation to protect innocent life ? really ? what about after they are born ?

women being allowed to have all the information medical and legal before they have an abortion? they usually know all this well before they get an appointment for this procedure.

he doesn't think women should have to go through this ultrasound, without her consent, as a precondition to another medical procedure. so from what I understand about this line of the comments by this Governor, you only have to have this ultrasound for an abortion. So if you needed your appendix out, you do not need to have an ultrasound or tons of medical or legal counseling before that kind of surgery ?

it does not matter in many cases, to give this forced and paid by the women ultrasound, as when women get to this as a solution, she has no doubt looked at it more intensely than these men who make the rules and if the women who still want an abortion, well lets add some more expenses for her, especially if she is poor, only delays getting an abortion before the "legal time limit" has been reached. this is just another ploy to delay having a safe abortion in time and will lead to many more unwanted babies to be born.

just because men can jerk off where ever and when ever they want or simply walk away from the women they have sex with, especially when women tell them they are pregnant and it is as easy as breathing for them to abandon their pre-born sperm cells, does not mean that women seeking