Gov. Scott Walker Aide Arrested For Embezzlement

A former aide to Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) and two others were arrested Thursday as part of an ongoing criminal probe that revealed two of the men stole money intended for veterans and families of U.S. soldiers who had died in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The ongoing investigation is looking at whether some of Scott Walkers staffers engaged in political activity on taxpayer time. Tim Russell had been with Walker as a campaign and county aide since 2002 was charged with two felonies and a misdemeanor count of embezzlement.

Kevin Kavanaugh, a Walker appointee to the Milwaukee County Veteran Service Commission was charged with five felonies of theft and fraudulent writings by a corporate office. In a press conference Thursday, Milwaukee County District Attorney John Chisolm accused Kavanaugh of stealing more than $42,000 that was intended to provide for families of Wisconsin soldiers killed in Iraq and Afghanistan as well as for wounded vets. Russell raised the donations at an annual event for veterans called Operation Freedom.

But instead of giving that money to Wisconsin vets, Russell transferred more than $20,000 into his personal accounts and used the money to pay for Caribbean and Hawaiian vacations, funded a political trip to Atlanta, Georgia for the organization of a presidential campaign.

Also charged and tied to Walker were Brian Pierck who was charged with two felony counts of child enticement and exposing genitals in a public area. Those charges emerged from the investigation after computers were seized.

Walker’s office had no comment on the charges.


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New G.
W. C6 years ago

Thanks for the news.

Pamela D.
Pamela D6 years ago

I think the unit that these soldiers that were killed served with would find a fitting punishment for these scumbags.

Winn Adams
Winnie A6 years ago

These people are lower than pond scum and should be given jail time to the fullest extent that the law provides. Then after getting out let them move to another country. They don't deserve to live in America.

Kathryn Edwards
Kathryn Edwards6 years ago

This is cruel reality. Greed is what is governing us now. How can someone steal from the families of our dead troops and our troops who have have suffered in these wars. This is really sick. Hope they all go to prison for years and years and that is to good for them. Pigs.

Jane Barton
Jane Barton6 years ago

We need to bring back TexAss justice. String em up like horse thieves and leave their bodies
in the desert for the vultures to eat.

Micheal Moffat
Past Member 6 years ago

knowledge is not power its empowering lets be empowered to change
Peace and Love

Mark S.
Mark S6 years ago

Don't put these thieves in prison. Cut off their arms. Save taxpayer money, and stop the overcrowding of prisons.

Dominic C.
Dominic C6 years ago

This is not even corruption. This sort of act should penalize these politicians to life imprisonment. If they are stealing from the rich then its a different tune but they are stealing from the poor. One must wonder whether Republicans only have aides to steal from poor Americans.

Jane Barton
Jane Barton6 years ago

How much more disgusting can these politicians get? They are laughing in our faces and we are the laughing stock of the world!! I'm serious. All the civilized countries of the world think
Americans are nuts. It's embarassing.

Marianne C.
Marianne C6 years ago

Every day seems to be bringing a new Walker scandal. Today's is that Scotty has just nominated a guy to serve on the state Investment Board. John Petersen III is a Madison real estate developer. He has served on the Investment Board before, from 1992 thru 2003, appointed by Tommy Thompson. There is -- you guessed it -- a Republican connection here.

Petersen's return to the board is marred -- perhaps even unwelcome -- due to concerns over what a previous audit called "the appearance of a conflict of interest." In 2000, Petersen voted in favor of the Investment Board's investing $80 million in a business with a company that had ties to a corporation he owned stock in, the audit found.

He admits now that he shouldn't have voted on the issue then. It just "didn't occur to him then." Right; it didn't occur to him that the $80 million he was voting to invest might just directly benefit him financially. I'm sure most of us would miss a connection like that if it came our way. Especially when the investment ended up being $110 million.

Petersen said the accusation "really caught me unawares" and believes he is eligible to serve on the board. So, too, does Scotty Walker.

I wonder what it'll cost us this time.