Gov. Walker Under Fire For Equal Pay Repeal [Video]

Wisconsin may be the at the helm in the fight against corporate influence in state government, but it is also offering up a preview for just how hard Democrats plan to hit back against the Republican war on women.

First are the two main Democratic candidates in the Wisconsin gubernatorial recall. Each launched “War on Women” ads targeting Rep. Scott Walker (R) over his repeal of the state’s equal pay law.

Then there is this video of University of Wisconsin Madison Junior student and Kathleen Falk supporter Fiona Cahill speaking out against Walker’s policies at the Falk Equal Pay Day event on the Wisconsin State Capitol steps yesterday.

The attacks must be making Walker nervous. He defended the repeal of the state’s equal pay law by blaming trial attorneys for “clogging up the legal system” with equal pay claims, trotting out standard Republican talking points for opposing pay equity in general.

With the recall election a few short months away and Republicans in the state and nationwide intent of doubling down on their opposition to workplace equity for women, we can expect to see the attacks to get more direct and more pointed. For Democrats that could be good news indeed.

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Photo from Sue Peacock via flickr.


Winn Adams
Winn A5 years ago

Scott Walker is in need of using all of his mental health benefits with a professional who will help him come back to reality and regain some sanity in his brain if that's at all possible. At every opportunity vote Republicans and people like Walker out of office.

Ness Watson
Inez w5 years ago

Equal rights for HUMANS regardless of colour, sex, religion or anything.
We all bleed the same therefore we all must have equal rights!

Jo Patterson

Gov. Walker, don't make me break my foot off in your ass (courtesy of MAD TV"s "My White Mama")!

Jamie Clemons
Jamie Clemons5 years ago

Walker your days are numbered you will be gone soon.

MarLeah McIntosh
Jodi Moreno5 years ago

Steve R. just proved a point without even knowing it. Ha ha ha ha!! He said, "Republican women will vote Republican, even if their candidates have horns and a pointed tail!" admit that your candiates are evil and Republican women are just fodder for your agenda? That's what it sounds like to me. I am a moderate through and through. I don't agree with some of the Left's policies and I would like the Welfare system to be completely revamped. I don't agree with some of the immigration policies either. I work in an Oil and Gas company (surrounded by conservatives), but I CHOOSE to be Progressive. I truly feel that women work against their own interest by voting Republican. But I am giggling still, that Steve R. just proved that his G (Greedy) O (Old) P (Power-hungry) has evil candidates and that people (or women, as he pointed out) will vote for them blindly, just to stay within their party lines. Pathetic!!

Tony C.
Tony C5 years ago

When you try and vote the party of NO out you better make sure that you can vote. Some States have changed their voter registration laws so that even if you wanted to vote you won't be able to. PLEASE CHECK the voter registration laws of the States that you live in NOW, so that you can have the right ID when it comes time to vote. PLEASE tell ALL your friends about this, especially students, seniors, immigrants and the poor. I am sure that the 1% will be flocking to the voting booths so that they can retain their power and money. The 99% had better start THINKING about what will happen if the republicans get in again. For example, no contraceptives which will lead to more people. Right now 7 BILLION PLUS. No abortions even for sick babies, unwanted babies because of rape or incest. No Jobs, undrinkable water because of fracking, war with Iran, no health care. Abstinence programs only, which do not work and many others. Sex Education is needed so that unwanted pregnancy and abortion can be lessened along with STD’S that can KILL your child. So if you don't vote and get as many as you can to vote along with you and the republicans get into power this may and probably will happen. Here is an idea, car pool with a car full to the voting booths (saves gas) and after you vote, have a party and KNOW that you have done your best for your country. Have a designated driver. PLEASE REMEMBER, DON'T DRINK AND DRIVE.

Tony C.
Tony C5 years ago

If more women don't realize that their rights are speedily being taken away by the narrow minded politicians and don't act by voting them out of office, there will come a day when they will ask themselves, what happened to my rights?? By that time it will be too late. The future of women who have to put up with all this injustice of being attacked on contraception, abortion, and closing the Planned Parenthood offices which have helped with cancer screenings, pregnancies and many others is leading them down the path to second class citizenship. Women have so much power but they don't realize it, and if they do they don't use it. If women went on strike in the kitchen and the bedroom I believe things would change quickly and for the better. Look at the voting records of all the politicians and use the Power of your VOTE and remove any politician of any party that tries to take away your rights.

Chris Cole
Chris C5 years ago

Women need to step up and take a stand and get this imbecile, Walker, out! He is heading for a big fall from power! Make it sooner than later~ And then let this example of the power of women show the other Repubs who are doing the same across the nation, that they are next.

A N M.
anne M5 years ago

Who votes guys like that into office anyway?

J.L. A.
j A5 years ago

Kudos to the women of Wisconsin!