Governor Perry, You’ve Already Messed With Texas. Don’t Start in California

This was written by Moms Clean Air Force California field manager, Jose Sigala

This week, Texas Governor Rick Perry made another visit to California in his continued crusade to entice businesses to relocate to the Lone Star State. Once again, Perry is making his stump-like pitch, highlighting his state’s low taxes and regulations and business-friendly climate, while touting the fact that no other state has created more jobs than Texas.

While that distinction is often disputed, Perry’s lack of effort to address climate change and poor air quality in his home state is not.

In fact, his neglect of major environmental concerns has helped Texas become one of the country’s worst polluters. The state ranks first in the nation for greenhouse gas emissions and worse yet — poor air quality is having a negative impact on children’s health. Kids age 0-4 with asthma are being admitted to the hospital up to eight times more than asthmatic adults in the state.

Moms across Texas and California urge Governor Perry to get his priorities straight and stop providing a pollution haven to corporations and prioritizing healthy profit margins over healthy communities.

2012 report from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency shows Texas is responsible for 393 million metric tons or 12.5 percent of all greenhouse gases released nationwide, the most of any state by a large margin. In comparison, California is responsible for one-third as much, or 114.6 million metric tons.

Texas’s power plants and oil industry are a huge source of carbon pollution. This is pollution which leads to a number of climate-related health complications including asthma and heat-related illnesses.

Drought, heat waves, poor air quality and wildfires continue to be a threat to the health of Texan families, and it’s no secret that California faces many of these same detrimental climate change effects. The difference, however, is that California’s leaders are moving forward with bold and innovative plans to address these impacts and protect public health – all while maintaining the world’s eighth largest economy and leading the nation in job growth.

This is a far cry from Governor Perry who continues to be a climate change skeptic. In fact, Governor Perry’s level of denial has intensified and his constant attack on climate-change science hasn’t slowed down.

It’s time for Governor Perry to face the truth and take the bold steps needed to address the growing levels of harmful air pollution in Texas. He should start by acknowledging the realities of climate change – and its accompanying negative impacts – and see that Clean Air Standards create opportunities, not problems for Texas.

Put simply, Californians have a message for Governor Perry: Mess with Texas, not California.

It’s time for you to return home and start holding your most polluting industries accountable for destroying Texas’ air and threatening your children’s health. Be a leader and stand tall against climate change, letting polluters know there is a new sheriff in town that means business when it comes to fighting for clean air and improving the state’s quality of life.

Sadly, based on Governor Perry’s record, that might be asking for a ”Texas Miracle.”

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Jim Ven
Jim Ven1 years ago

thanks for the article.

Carrie-Anne Brown

thanks for sharing :)

Warren Webber
Warren Webber2 years ago

Live long and prosper!

Robert Hamm
Robert Hamm3 years ago

THats no surprise Ellen, we would expect notnhing but that from you. Rick Perry is an absolute embarassment to Texas. If he was any more ignorant he would need a guide to make it through life. It has nothing to do with his party. He is simply ignorant.

THere is plenty of pollution in Texas maybe not where you live But if you get into Dallas and HOuston there is plenty of foul air. California is slowly pulling itself out of trouble.

People in California are no smarter than they are in TX. There is plenty of ignorance on both states.

Perrry pulling all these businesses down here is doin g TX no favors. We are running out of roads and water. We dont have the infrastructure to handle the growth.

There is pl;enty enough wrong with Tx……..maybe you are just blind.

Ellen Gaston
Ellen Gaston3 years ago

I have never once seen smog in Texas. In fact, when I think of smog, I think of San Francisco and L.A., since I have seen so many pictures of it. The oil wells and pump.jacks dotting the landscape have existed almost 100 years. The cattle and wildlife have lived happily among them, or ranchers would not stand for them. Pointing out the reasons you don't like Rick Perry (you should have just said "because he is a Republican" and dispensed with the smoke and mirrors), to deflect from the fact that California liberals have run that state into the ground is incredibly disingenuous. I like our Governor. I despise a lot of the politicians from this state, but I like Perry. And Greg Abbott will be a great successor. Enjoy your cleaner-than-thou air, smarter-than-thou populace that is higher taxed-than thou yet broker-than-thou. I'll keep my "inbred Republitard" ass in Texas.

Oleg Kobetz
Oleg Kobets3 years ago

Thank you

Danuta Watola
Danuta W3 years ago

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Fi T.
Past Member 3 years ago

Time to stop messing up worldwide

Rhonda B.
Rhonda B3 years ago