Grandmother Requests Moscow Gay Pride Permit [UPDATE: Pride Banned]

A straight-identifying seventy-year-old grandmother this week lodged three applications with Mayor Sergey Sobyanin for Moscow Gay Pride which is to be held at the end of the month. She says she watched the previous administration violate the Constitution to deny peaceful public rallies and is urging Moscow’s new administration not to make that same mistake.

From UK Gay News:

“For five years I’ve been watching how the [previous] Moscow Mayor violated the laws and the Constitution of our country, forbidding peaceful public rallies and detaining peaceful demonstrators,” said Irina Alekseeva, the 70 year old mother of Pride organizer Nikolai Alekseev, as she left City Hall.

“I’m tired of being an outside observer of all these events, and I decided to help LGBT people to exercise their right to freedom of assembly in Moscow.  They are citizens of this country and should enjoy the same rights as other citizens.”


Nikolai Alekseev praised the courage of his mother.

“In Russia, where homophobia is widespread, many gays or lesbians do not have the same chance to have parents who accept their sexual orientation and who are even ready to fight together with them for their rights,

“I commend my mum’s determination in helping us in our fight. I hope that this will be an example for many in this country, and help the parents of LGBT people to think twice before rejecting their children because of their sexual orientation.”

Mr. Alekseev added that there would be immediate court challenges if Moscow City Hall banned Gay Pride events.

[Read more at UK Gay News.]

Confusion over whether Pride events will be able to go ahead remains. As we reported at the time, Pride organizers said on April 12 that they had been given verbal confirmation that they would be able to hold the events with the administration’s blessing. This was later refuted by the authorities and no written confirmation has yet been issued.

October 2010 saw the European Court of Human Rights rule unanimously that banning Moscow Pride events, as was the case between 2006-2008, breached three separate articles of the European Convention which guarantees freedom of assembly, the right not to be discriminated against on the basis of sexual orientation, and the right to effective legal remedy. Russia appealed to the Grand Chamber, but the Grand Chamber upheld the ruling.

Gay Pride organizers told UK Gay News that they would go ahead with Pride regardless of whether or not the event is officially sanctioned.

Facing yet another potentially hostile reception, Irina Alekseeva’s advocacy ahead of the Pride event is no doubt a welcome source of affirmation and strength.

UPDATE: UK Gay News reports that Moscow city hall has banned this year’s Pride celebrations citing concerns about an insufficient ability to protect citizens. This is the same defense used to ban previous Pride events and was rejected by the European Court of Human Rights. Read more here.

Photo used under the Creative Commons Attribution License with thanks to brainchildvn.


Norma V.
Norma Villarreal6 years ago

Way to go!

Hege Torset
Hege Torset6 years ago

Thanks for sharing

john bernard
john bernard6 years ago

Next, rights for the voiceless animals!!!

Marie W.
Marie W6 years ago

Brave woman.. still one wonders about the risks.

Past Member
Past Member 6 years ago

Such a nice lady, taking care of human rights issues, not everybody could be so brave. We need such people in all ex Soviet countries.

susan twentyeight
Past Member 6 years ago

Very cool. I have/had cool parents like that too. I'm trans and my father actually flew to atlanta from palm beach to speak at the Southern Comfort transgender convention back in 1992 when i was still pre-op. I wasn't even there, i was dj'ing at a local club that night, but he got a standing ovation and brought people to tears with his awesome support and understanding - mine were the ONLY parents at an entire convention of people many of whom had been shunned or outright disowned by their families. I remember us sitting at a table earlier that night with a distraught FTM who was rejected by his parents and was totally crushed about it, and it was so common - even more common than i'd imagined.

So yeah, this is really exceptional. Tits of steel - go granny!

Jonathan Y.
Jonathan Y6 years ago

Brave babushka. Homophobia is widespread in Russia and it will be a miracle if they ever allow a parade.

However, this is a promising sign that the Russian people may one day transcend their history.

Drusilla P.
Drusilla P6 years ago

What a lady!
Unfortunately, the Moscow Pride might well stand a chance if the officials were bribed (with the scandals there these days, you never know... it might work).

Thanks for the post.

Valarie S.
Valarie Snell6 years ago

That is great that she is trying to be a part of this

James Morley
James Morley6 years ago

Well, well, lots of commentaries, but I bet there are many saws about cleaning one's own house first!