Gray Wolves a Step Closer to a Safe Return in California

Last week the California Fish and Game Commission voted to make the gray wolf a candidate for protection under the California Endangered Species Act, a decision that will provide immediate protection to the state’s lone wolf OR-7, while a one-year status review is completed.

The decision was spurred by a petition from the Center for Biological Diversity and other conservation groups including Big Wildlife, the Environmental Protection Information Center and the Klamath-Siskiyou Wildlands Center, who want to see wolves return safely to the state.

“California needs a road map for recovering wolves,” said Noah Greenwald, the Center’s endangered species director, in a statement. “Wolf populations in neighboring states will continue to expand, and more wolves will almost certainly show up in California. These wolves will need protection when they arrive.”

Wolves are protected under federal law, but with some populations in the West increasing, they may be delisted by the Fish and Wildlife Service. There is also no recovery plan in California to ensure their protection and survival.

“Wolves have been an integral part of North American landscapes, including in California, for millions of years and are cherished, iconic animals that deserve a certain future,” said Greenwald. “The return of wolves to California will help restore the natural balance and reverse the historic wrong done by people who shot, poisoned and persecuted wolves into oblivion.”


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marc horton
marc horton6 years ago

this good start,let's protect all the wolves all over the world

Thomas P.
Thomas P6 years ago

Things here are at least moving in the right direction

Shadow Manypaths
Shadow Manypaths6 years ago

good for CA...had more states thought things through ahead of time, many of the ongoing wolf issues would not exist - and praise to Defenders of Wildlife as well, for pressing for and detailing methods for ranchers and others impacted by the gradually rebounding wolf population to coexist with them without killing them off.

wolves are neither demons nor angels, but creatures with a natural function in a balanced ecosystem. humans, though self-styled "apex predators", fail to fulfill or replace their function. wolves are not only cool to have around...they are necessary.

Carrie Anne Brown

thanks for sharing :)

Winn Adams
Winn A6 years ago


Cynthia Scionti
Cynthia Scionti6 years ago

At least 1 state has come to its senses in trying to preserve wolves!

Magdalen B.
Magdalen B6 years ago

Let's hope so.

natalie n.
natalie n6 years ago

lets hope its seen all the way through, it must happen!

Ness Watson
Inez w6 years ago

fantastic news! Now to roll it out and stop the culling of wolves in other areas please

SLK S6 years ago

wonderful news! thanks for sharing.