Greek Newscaster Gets Egg and Yogurt In The Face (Video)

17 activists threw yogurt and eggs at Greek news presenter Panagiotis Bourchas during an on-air studio interview in the Epiros TV1 newsroom on Friday night. Their message was for him to not invite any more neo-Nazi guests onto his show: The week before, Bourchas had interviewed a member of the nationalist far-right Chrystos Avgi or Golden Dawn political organization, which is openly anti-immigrant and neo-Nazi.

But the activists’ concerns about anti-immigrant sentiment should not go unremarked, or Bourchas’ having a Chrystos Avgi member as a guest on his show. Members of Chrystos Avgi have been linked to attacks on immigrants or on those who seem to have a foreign appearance. Anti-immigrant sentiment is running disturbing high in Greece.

90 percent of undocumented immigrants enter Europe through Greece via the border it shares with Turkey. In 2011, about 100,000 people were arrested for crossing into Greece illegally according to statistics from the Greek police. Still mired in debt and with deep discontent and despair among its people, Greece is ill-prepared to handle influxes of illegal immigrants and refugees and recently the Greek government announced two controversial new policies about illegal immigration:

On March 27, Greece’s Citizen Protection Ministry announced that it will open 30 detention centers, each holding 1,000 people, on the mainland to hold illegal immigrants who do not qualify for asylum prior to deporting them.

On April 2, Health Minister Andreas Loverdos said that immigrants must obtain health certificates before being able to work, while those with infectious diseases such as malaria and tuberculosis will be quarantined in medical facilities.

Those suspected of carrying HIV/AIDS could also be detained. Amnesty International says that the proposed law is “deeply alarming” and says that it targets the most vulnerable, including those who live in unhygienic conditions, use drugs or engage in sex work.

Just over a month before elections in May, a poll of 1,610 Greeks over the age of 18 by Kapa Research SA for To Vima newspaper found that  83.4 percent think that illegal immigration is a major problem in Greece. Moreover, 48.3 percent said that removing all immigrants gradually from the country should be the main focus of immigrant policy, a significant increase from 19.5 percent in a similar 2009 poll. Nearly 72 percent of those surveyed agreed with the new requirement for immigrants to obtain health certificates while 54.7 percent said they thought the new detention centers — which will cost more than $333 million in European Union funds — are necessary.

After being pelted with eggs and yogurt, newscaster Bourchas was seen to nonchalantly wipe himself and his laptop off and continue his broadcast. But the rising anti-immigrant sentiment and the new anti-immigrant policies in Greece cannot be “wiped away” so quickly and demand serious scrutiny.


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Christina B.
Christina B5 years ago

I am Greek. I'm all against violence and the like, but the rise of far right bullies MUST be stopped at any cost. When you preach hatred and xenophobia, no Constitution should protect you. Do not forget what happened in Norway!

PS. By the way, it's not "Chrystos" Avgi, it's "Chrysi" Avgi. I thought Ms Chew knew Greek?

KS Goh
KS Goh5 years ago

Thanks for the article.

Ernest R.
Ernest R5 years ago

@ Mariln L.. “in recent years it seems people want to immigrate for economic reasons but they want to bring their old laws and cultures with them.” That is certainly true in Canada with its multicultural policy. We have large communities of Chinese and South Asian immigrants in which residents never learn, and don’t care to learn, Canadian customs or English, but live in what amounts to a transplanted piece of the home country. One town is almost totally a community of South Asians and Muslims, one of whom murdered his disobedient daughter to maintain his family honor in “his community”. The foreign born now outnumber born Canadians whose children have become an ethnic minority, but some feel that we need “more diversity”.

Ernest R.
Ernest R5 years ago

@ Nyack C.. “Next time make sure thery are ROTTEN eggs” Your Post makes it clear that you believe in free speech and also makes it clear that you only believe in it for your Please, we would prefer to do without the virulent hatred here...There is really too much hate in the world.

Ron B.
Ron B5 years ago

Unfortunately, the potential exists for human migrations to increase as global warming continues to affect the climate and water and food shortages become critical.

wesley a.
wes Allen5 years ago

Jamie C is 100% correct and Debra P is full of crap.

Marilyn L.
Marilyn L5 years ago

Immigration has gotten out of hand and no one seems to want to do anything about it here in the States or around the world. No one wants to admit it but in recent years it seems people want to immigrate for economic reasons but they want to bring their old laws and cultures with them. And it seems many of these people come from societies and/or cultures that treat women not only as second class citizens but no better than some people treat their dogs.

The difference between immigration now and immigration back in the1700’s, 1800’s and early 1900’s is those folk immigrated wanting religious freedoms or individual freedoms and civil rights. The hope of financial betterment was secondary for most. Because they lived with prosecution in their country they wanted to assimilate and become Americans, Canadians, British, etc. They had no desire to bring old laws and cultures with them, at least not the ones that had anything to do with the prosecution of their family members.

I think there should be a 10 year moratorium on immigration around the world unless the individual or his/her family is endangered. Let countries get back on their feet financially and learn how to deal with people who have already immigrated and are unwilling to leave old habits behind. Let them come up with new immigration laws and an educational system that lets new immigrants know the rules and laws BEFORE they immigrate; what will and will not be tolerated in their new country,

Ang H.
angie Harper5 years ago

I am not sure I like the pairing of anti-immigration with neo nazi? It is a sad problem, when immigrants want to move within Europe for economic reasons, but many countries are financially on their knees, just like in the USA.
The UK National Health Service has been stretched for years by repeated huge numbers of immigrants, for once they enter the EU are free to travel.
It doesn't necessarily make you a racist to want to defend the resources you have paid in to for decades. The waiting lists grow longer and longer. Here is an example, my cousin had a hip replaced. Sadly, shortly after was diagnosed with cancer, so she had to cancel the other hip operation. When she had completed all her chemo etc she asked why she had not been written to regarding her appointment for her operation. She discovered she had been removed as there was NO FUNDING.
Read up on what the Greek's situation is before writing inflammatory articles.

Elaine A.
Elaine Al Meqdad5 years ago

Sounds like a blatant case of complete disrespect for another individual and not one for an all out prank.

Linda T.
Linda T5 years ago

In this case I think the Nazi groups do more harm by talking. Give them a platform. I understand the moral issues involved here but really I've never seen a bigot say much that sane people agree with.