Greenpeace Seafood Sustainability Report Reveals Surprise Winner

Greenpeace released its fifth annual report on the state of seafood sustainability in the U.S. earlier today, and you’ll never guess who ousted specialty list-toppers like Whole Foods and Wegmans for the number one spot…

Safeway. In a shocking move, the conventional nationwide retailer leapt up three places, snatching the top position from last year’s top rated retailer Target.

Greenpeace USA released the most recent Carting Away the Oceans (CATO) report to provide American consumers with a snapshot of seafood sustainability in the US grocery sector.

“The fact that we have now seen such a wide variety of retailers lead the pack – from organic specialty retailers and high end stores to big-box retailers to one of the biggest national chains in the country – just emphasizes that sustainability is not a niche luxury trend, but an important response to customer demand and responsible retailing,” said Greenpeace’s Senior Markets Campaigner, Casson Trenor.
According to Casson, the report is a testament to the ongoing pressure consumers, sustainable seafood supporters and activists are excerting on grocers. In the first CATO report, all 20 major US retailers assessed in the report recieved a failing score. Today’s reports shows that fifteen retailers have now achieved a passing score.

“Other great advances include more and more retailers refusing to stock one of the most vulnerable fish stocks on earth, the Orange Roughy, and two retailers – Safeway and Wegmans – publicly supporting a no-take marine reserve in the last pristine ocean on earth, Antarctica’s Ross Sea,” Mr Trenor said.

If you don’t have time to read the full CATO report, make sure to check out the following Greenpeace resources:

Supermarket Scorecard: A snapshot of how each supermarket ranks.

Search your Supermarket: Check out how your supermarket ranked in the scorecard in this handy online tool.

Charting Progress: A timeline of how the seafood industry has changed over time and how the health of the oceans and improved as a result.

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