Greyhound Tests Positive for Cocaine in UK

K9 Magazine posted a story about a racing Greyhound named Droopys Arshavin who tested positive for cocaine after a race at Wimbledon on August 3rd.  Stuart Mason, Droopys’ trainer has been brought up on charges by the Greyhound Board of Great Britain.

GBGB is the authority in England responsible for governing, regulating and managing Greyhound racing, which is considered a sport there.  GBGB’s home page paints Greyhound racing as a fun and exciting time for all.  It claims Greyhound racing, “…remains one of the country’s most popular spectator sports.”

were originally bred for hunting.  Their unique physique of a light but muscular build, along with their long legs and double suspension gallop, make them wonderful sprinters.  Unfortunately for the dogs, humans found a different way to exploit them — racing.

Why would someone give a dog cocaine?  For the same reason professional athletes take steroids: to enhance performance.  The difference being, a pro athlete makes the conscious choice to take performance enhancing drugs.  A dog is force fed them. 

That brings us back to the reason for forcing Greyhounds to race in the first place — money.  Gambling on Greyhound racing is a huge industry in the United Kingdom.  Other countries that condone Greyhound racing and gambling are the United States, Ireland, Australia, Spain, China and Mexico.

Animal welfare advocates have raised numerous concerns over the treatment and breeding of Greyhounds for racing.  And rightfully so.  
Every year thousands of Greyhound puppies are born into the racing industry.  And it is reported that in the UK every year, about two-thirds of the Greyhounds bred for racing are culled — a euphamism for killed — as they prove too slow for the sport.  

The remaining pups who are considered racing material are trained for life on a track.  This entails living outside in small kennels with little human interaction or contact.  Even though it is illegal in the UK to train Greyhounds through the practice of “blooding” — baiting with a live, small animal like a rabbit — its occurrence is considered an open secret among Greyhound trainers.

An undercover investigation was performed in 1993 about Greyhound racing in the UK.  Unfortunately, 17 years later, much of the video is still accurate.

The expected working career for a Greyhound is one to two years.  If the dog survives his/her racing days without injury, he/she may be lucky enough to find an adopted family.  But sadly, most are simply tossed away like a piece of trash.

Demonstrating this is the 2007 case of David Smith, a Seaham, UK, builder paid £10 per head to shoot and bury thousands of ex-racing Greyhounds.  He admitted accepting money to kill the dogs, which he did with a bolt gun to the head and then buried them on his property.  He was prosecuted. But not for animal cruelty, but instead for burying the carcasses without a permit.  The punishment was only a £2,000 fine.

Do you want to help Greyhounds abused in the racing life?  Simple:

  • Do not be a spectator in Greyhound racing
  • Speak out against the industry
  • Work on getting laws changed
  • Educate people about the evils of Greyhound racing
  • Adopt a former Greyhound racer
  • Volunteer for a Greyhound rescue group

Stay tuned to Care2 for updates on the fate of Stuart Mason — the trainer accused of feeding cocaine to his racing Greyhound, Droopys Arshavin.

Flickr: Ronnie Macdonald


Marlene Dinkins

thnx for the aricle. drugs to animals is imposible. htis bastard should be in jail. this should never happened , poor dogs, for heaven sake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rosi Caswell

As I have always said to my students and clients down the years, and will doubtless say countless times again, if human beings cannot achieve sucessful partnerships with animals within any given area, by using their mind, brain and body, with no outside influences, such as "substances" or "gadgets" then they have no business near animals at all, and should be subject to the highest penalties on each and every level!!
Rosi Caswell Animal Whisperer, Animal/Human Therapist

Dianne D.
Dianne D7 years ago

It's people like this that should never be allowed around animals. Hope they track down who did this, fine and jail him and never let him around animals again.

Dianne D.
Dianne D7 years ago

There are too many shady people in the dog and horse racing business that is just out for an easy buck and have no regard for the animals. This industry needs to be outlawed. Especially since they breed dogs and horses and throw them away if they don't meet their standards. They leave the animals out for the rest of the world to clean up their mess.

Susan P.
Past Member 7 years ago

No more animal racing!!! If as humans we cannot act humanely, which has been proven, no more!

Rebecca Odle
Rebecca Noiseux7 years ago

Ma just got rid of racing which left some people in an uproar. Oh well. Get a conscience. To have a beautiful creature who is so gentle bred to run in circles how boring to watch in the first place. Then to have that guy in the UK only fined for just burying without a permit how ridiculous. Said it once before the UK needs to change its animal cruelty laws.

Manuela C.
Manuela C7 years ago

Poor animals. I hate any "sport" that includes animals. If they want to do sports or gamble, go gambling on people running, or cars (I don't like car races either, they pollute), or football!

Helen K.
Helen K.7 years ago

Quite sick. And it's all about money.
Do hope the drugged dog survived. Do we know? Can we find out? Has he gone to a nice new home? Do hope so.

Alyson T.
Alyson Thomson7 years ago

I was pleased to see this cos you don't often cover stuff in the UK.

Robin T.
R T7 years ago

Thanks for the article. Drugging an animal??? SICK

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