Greyhound Racing to End in Rhode Island!

There is nothing pretty about the greyhound racing industry. Thousands of dogs are bred, injured, raced and discarded each year as byproducts of greed.

The good news today is that there will be one less state in the U.S. where this sport is legal. After receiving pressure from animal advocates, the Twin River track in Rhode Island will be closing its doors to greyhound racing on August 8th.

Greyhound advocacy group Grey2K played a huge role in this and will continue to work to stop this sport in the last eight states that still allow it, including Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Iowa, Texas, West Virginia and Wisconsin.

For more information about how to help, visit Grey2K’s website and watch their video about their work and the industry below. You can also sign Care2’s petition to stop greyhound racing in the Philippines and in South Africa



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Dennis Deal
Past Member 6 years ago

The problem with this industry is that.the tracks, breeder, and owners consistently fight any efforts at reform. I have a retired racer myself as loving a pet as one could ask for.

At the same time I am seeing an industry that has painted itself into a corner and is now unwilling to reform the treatment of these wonderful dogs. So at this point I do support the efforts to shut down the tracks. I will do so unless or until there is an effort on the dog racing industry to start to reform itself or is open to reform.

Julie R.
Julie R7 years ago

There is no getting away from it Greyhounds are abused, is it only what goes on at the track you see Peter J what about all the dogs that are bred and don't make the grade what happens to them, have you actually seen pictures of Greyhounds in Spain with a ring in its nose tied so close to the cage it can't move, I think you don't really know what goes on, yea of course everything looks hunky dora at the track what about what goes on behind the scene's open your eye's.

Peter J.
Peter J.7 years ago

i would like to know if anyone leaving these comments has ever stepped foot in a paddock or kennel at a race track. your all stupid. i feel confident saying that because you dont even bother to research the sport. if you took the time to check out the dogs you would know that they are treated better than pets in a home. i work at a track with the dogs and they have more freedoms than i do. i love the dogs ive never once seen any sort of animal cruelty. what do you think happens to a grey hound when these stupid animal rights activists ban racing a bottom level track. THE DOGS DIE. YOU GUYS KILL THEM!! just try thinking shit through idiots.

Laura A.
Laura Adams8 years ago

Traci d. If you can watch a video of what happens to the greyhounds that don't meet the standards without throwing up, then you are not quite human. Peta won't care if you ride your horse,unless you ride it till it drops dead.There is a difference.

teresa mason

All animals should live in freedom,We are all One

Sa R.
Sa R8 years ago

I am owned (heart and soul) by a mixed rescued GRACEhound who taught me that this is the most gentle and sensitive of all dogs that I ever had. I have been signing all petitions I could find and am adding here additional links for anyone who'd like to join. THANK YOU ALL:

SPAIN Galgos:

Stop Abusing Hounds in SPAIN: 2.

Jan N.
Jan N8 years ago

I am deeply ashamed that I am a Florida resident - they are SO WRONG on so many issues, includine greyhound racing.

Debbie Z.
Debra Z8 years ago

Glad to see greyhound racing was banned in RI. It should be banned EVERYWHERE!

Maria G.
Maria G8 years ago

We should create laws that reflect our views and make us be a part of our decisions. Like if you want to race an animal that you commit to taking care of it for life. First you put up insurance, then a bond and then have the money up front to pay for its security and good life. If you can't do that, you don't benefit. Why make money off of God's creatures if you aren't going to give back.

tracy d.
tracy d8 years ago

It shouldn't be banned, but animal WELFARE groups and the government should ensure that the dogs are treated in the best way possible. Anything endorsed by PETA and animal RIGHTS extremists is a threat to all of us, our ability to own and enjoy our pets. The AR's are opposed to me riding my horse, because I'm "exploiting" him for my pleasure. Pul-lease, this extremism has to be stopped.