Group Rescues Mother Dog and Puppies From Taiwan (Video)

On June 2, one animal rescue group was on hand to welcome a special shipment they had arranged to arrive at Los Angeles International Airport.  Nine puppies and their mother landed in a plane from Taiwan.  The young family had been trapped in a drainage ditch and nearly lost their lives.

The rate of abuse to dogs in Taiwan is rampant and beyond rational understanding.  It is commonplace for dogs to be tortured with hot oil on their faces and backs or to be caught in metal traps and left to bleed to death.  And like the dogs that arrived at LAX, many are dropped into deep ditches so they cannot get out and eventually die of starvation.

So when A Dog’s Life Rescue (ADLR) was contacted by Animal Rescue Team TAIWAN, they knew they couldn’t turn the four-legged family away.  The group quickly made all the necessary arrangements to put the dogs on a plane the next day. 

ADLR then reached out to fellow rescue organizations in the L.A. area to secure housing for the puppies and their mother.

Animal Rescue Team TAIWAN (ART) is run by Joseph Nee, a retired school teacher and his wife Maggie Chen.  The Kindred Souls Foundation, who has worked with ART in the past say, “ART is an amazing group of people who work tirelessly to save dogs every day.  In a country where most people do not value the life of a dog, this small group of animal advocates risks their lives to save them.”

ADLR inherited Philip and Harry, two Formosan – a typical Taiwanese breed – puppies.

“Philip was found with his hair matted, coated in filth.  Harry was found circling and defending his mother, Snow, who lost her leg in an animal trap,” said Noelle Valdivia of ADLR.

“Right now the pups are a little shell-shocked after all they’ve been through.  But they’re adjusting well.”

Snow will be joining the two puppies after she undergoes a medical procedure to help with the leg she lost.

The other puppies are in foster care with Animal Rescue Media Education (ARME), The Mutt Scouts and Noah’s Bark.  Once the family is healthy and socialized A Dog’s Life Rescue will place the dogs for adoption.

Below is video of the family’s dramatic rescue and arrival at LAX.

A Dog's Life Rescue


Pat M.
Pat M.7 years ago

I am totally sick of animal abuse , I don't think it will ever end. in Asia they really abuse animals they farm their bile...Bears.. they beat them before skinning them alive ..that's dogs I could go on , but I hate the human race..
Now live export is starting again, money that's the only thing people care about

Dianne D.
Dianne D7 years ago

This made me cry. God Bless all the animals in this world and those that love and save them.

dawn w.
Dawn W7 years ago

Lucky dogs! Love it!

Jane L.
Jane L7 years ago

so delightful to see the boundless joy these dogs exhibit just being together and free of suffering :)

sharon stringer
sharon stringer7 years ago

What lovely little dogs, but we need to do something about this,Taiwan needs some sort of program where dogs lives are valued and to help rescue them is rewarded.

Alessandra C.

so nice to know that not all people in Taiwan are so indifferent to animals. I'm happy for those dogs, but what about the others! Let's urge Taiwan to do something about this plight.

Linda J.
Philippe J7 years ago

I only wish all the dogs could be helped in this situation. Disgusting treatment by the Tiawanese. Shame on you.

rene davis
irene davis7 years ago


Karen F.
karen Friedman7 years ago

Besides torture they eat them. Both have to be stopped.

K s Goh
KS Goh7 years ago

Thanks for the article.