Growing Up in a Post-9/11 World (Video)


Written by bloggers from the Center for American Progress

The attacks of 9/11 left a permanent mark on the psyche of the American people. For those who were in middle or high school, or just starting college in 2001, their lives and worldviews were changed by 9/11 in a way that no other event could compare during these formative years.

“Growing Up 9/11″ tells the story of some of the young men and women who will soon become the leaders of our country. The video asks the 15- to 30-year-olds who currently make up 30 percent of our nation: What did 9/11 mean to you? From the career paths they choose to the media they consume, this generation’s views on 9/11 and the impact it had on them will shape our society and our policies over the next few decades.

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Rudica R.
Rudica R6 years ago

My grandchild was born a few months before 9/11. She has seen short videos each anniversary of this tragedy. Sunday she watched. I waited for questions, none. Later that evening, she put the security at the airports, our killing Bin-Laden, and terrorist together. I thinks what really stayed with her was a comment from one of the teens who is now without a parent. The anger from hearing another student complain about their parents and how she wished she had her parent and about he boy who wished he had his Dad while he was growing up.
To believe and say there where no planes and no terrors is certainly your right, one of all our rights in this country and why some hate us. But for me it's like saying there was no Hitler,
no concentration camps, no Holocaust. And tell that to all those who suffered in both events.
Good luck in your search for what happened.

Marie W.
Marie W6 years ago

Conspiracy and smoke.

dale a.
dale a6 years ago

Sorry to Valerie Plame I did not know where to put you before curveball or after.

dale a.
dale a6 years ago

Iran contra...
The Panama canal...
Manual Noriega...
Reagan's Invasion of Grenada...
Reagan's deregulation of America...
George H.W. Bush's continuing deregulation of America...
George H.W. Bush's "military operation" conducted in Panama...
Glass-Steagall Act (1933) changed to the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (1999) (signed by Bill Clinton)...
Wag The Dog...
George W. Bush's diligence in going after the terrorists when first elected...
George W. Bush's continuing deregulation of America...
Homeland Security...
Waterboarding; George W. Bush's Presidency (or Dick Cheney's Presidency)...
The Party of NO...
Just a short list of things that have changed our country into what it has become today.

Siusaidh C.
Susan C6 years ago

Those who died, those dying today, and the millions yet to die in this hoaxed 'war on terror', deserve the truth.

James Corbett: 9/11 - A Conspiracy Theory:

The essentials presented, and in less than 5 minutes.

Linda T.
Linda T6 years ago

I miss the free america we once had. Not having to think about our phone calls being listened too, no pat downs at the air port, no one viewing our library check outs, know one watching our bank accounts. Freedom was a wonderful thing while it lasted. Bin-Laden won the most important fight, the one where we lost our freedom.

Mark Lloyd
Mark Lloyd6 years ago

It is sad to see that Sandra & Jeffrey are apart of those mainstream Americans who choose to bury there heads in the sand and accept what is seen as the most simplistic of explainations for the event od 9/11. They respresent that cadre of individuals who have no understand or knowledge of history and what our government has done to foster an agenda at the expense of many American lives. They were the individuals that supported the war in Vietnam, the Grenada incursion, the Panama conflict and so on. They are the same people who would justify water boarding, Gitmo, Abu Ghrab, phone-tapping, etc in order to "protect America" from perceived threats. I fear these types of individuals because of there denial of reality and the measures they would support to maintain what they call "the American way of life".

Kathleen Montgomery

id like to know how micharl r. can explain the towers going down if not airplanes.

Kathleen Montgomery

thanks for the video

Michael R.
Michael R.6 years ago

@Sandra G @Jeffrey W I'm no sicko Sandra, nor a psycho Jeffrey, so put down your fists for a minute and listen, will ya?

When I see the Pentagon smoking (one solitary pane of glass broken) but the facade standing totally intact, unbroken, for 35 minutes after a plane was s'posed to have hit, I know Dubya lied when he sez a plane hit. There was NO Flight UA175 hitting the Pentacon.

When I discover the official Government aviation website records that both flights AA11 and AA77 were canceled for 9-11-2001, I have immediate doubts about 2 more planes.

When I find a 1994 US Geological survey aerial photo that records a crater exactly the same as the smokin' hole the 9/11 FEMA camcorder shot, I know the UA93 flight didn't crash- land at Shanksville in 2001.

These are just the first few faltering steps I took years ago into the lonely world of searching for the Truth of 9/11.... lonely 'cos of all you reactionaries screaming at me like you guys did.

There's a vast amount of evidence ALL pointing to the fact that there were no planes crashing that day....and I haven't even started on the vaster stack of evidence that proves 9/11 was a Crime scene and the Feds know it. Yes, I know you have a million questions to argue against me/us... they can all be answered, because no-planes is merely-possible-if-improbable, whereas the plane-huggers position is literally impossible. Believe it or Ripley not.

My point is simple: given the official lies and cover-ups, ther