Gun Falls Out of 6-Year-Old’s Pocket in School Cafeteria; 3 Wounded

A gun fell out of the pocket of a 6-year-old boy at Ross Elementary School in Houston and accidentally discharged, wounding him and two other students. Reuters reports that the incident occurred at lunch time in the school cafeteria, according to Houston Independent School District officials.

The other children injured were another 6-year-old boy and a 5-year-old girl, all kindergarteners. The children’s injuries are “not life-threatening,” says the BBC. The three children were taken on stretchers from Ross Elementary School and were reportedly sitting upright and, apparently, talking.

Says Houston Independent School District Assistant Police Chief Robert Mock regarding how the children were injured:

Either some type of chips off the floor, or it could be pieces of the round that discharged… They had some cuts and stuff on their legs, they don’t appear to be life-threatening.


We all more than hope so, it goes without saying.

We’d also all like to know what a 6-year-old — a kindergartener — is doing with a gun in his pocket?


Photo by noisemedia.


G A Rieck
G A R6 years ago

what kind of gun was this that could fit in the pocket of a six year old??

John Doe
james rico6 years ago

would would the frontiersmen of the 1830/s do i am sure their children did not do foolish things like this with guns instead they were tought how to safely handle a gun and use it because their life would depend on it. i am sure their were no self rightious gun banners around then.

Manuela C.
Manuela C6 years ago

How does a 6 year old has access to a loaded gun???

Judith Corrigan
Judith Corrigan6 years ago

Whoever owns the gun should be prosecuted for allowing a six year old access to it and that person should pay the medical bills for the children injured.

Loo Samantha
Loo sam6 years ago

what?? cowboys and apaches?? gun's here, where's the bow and arrows??

Leslie C.
Leslie Cochrane6 years ago

Paul B: Denmark has a true egalitarian society with many beneficial socialized systems, including nationalized health care. Women there have equal government representation and corporate leadership. Danes are far less consumptive than N. Americans and have the reputation of being the "happiest people in the world",apparently because everyone is "taken care of". High taxes yes, but an extremely narrow gap between rich and poor. Open-minded re sexual mores, as well as politically democratic, low teen birth rate due to appropriate early sex education and good family planning centers, low incidence of AIDs and low crime rate. No one feels the inherent need to own a gun, nor is their constitution based on owning one. Furthermore, the sex slave trade doesn't bother with Denmark because there is no market for it there. During WWll, while occupied by the Nazis, the Danish king wore a yellow star in protest, along with his Jewish citizens.Their country's modern economic prosperity was not founded on slavery, while American colonial fathers signed declarations about freedom, and then went home to force sex on their slave girls. I was also unable to find evidence of a single nation that had gov't regulations of guns that failed because there aren't any countries today that have such a prominent gun culture among it's citizens. America is a great country, but it needs to face a lot of truths about itself. And I couldn't possibly stay away because most of my extended family is American.

Lisa Zarafonetis
Lisa Z6 years ago

OMG!!! I've heard it all!!! Shared on Facebook!!!

K s Goh
KS Goh6 years ago

Thanks for the article.

John E.
John E6 years ago

* Paul B. says
* Apr 20, 2011 2:26 PM

Leslie, if that is you impression of America, I suggest you just stay right where you are.
Ha ha .!! I don't think Leslie has any intention of moving down there ... why would she ?

. Are you saying that there is little or no "illegal gun possession" in the US? I guess if all gun ownership is deemed to be legal, then by definition, there would be no illegal guns! Of course that don't mean that badasses don't have plenty of guns ,just that they are not deemed illegal.

" .... equal rights and equal justice, become justice for the highest bidder or the groups that are most politically connected. "
That to me , sounds like the US system. As to whether there are any governments in this world that are free of corruption, well, of course not ... who said there was? The nature of government is based on corruption and patronage ... the test is whether a nation can keep it to a "tolerable" level ...

"People must be held responsible for their actions"
Quite right too.

Sorry to be getting off the subject a bit, but .....

Christine S.
Christine S6 years ago

The parents should be prosecuted for stupidity for not having the gun locked up safely.