Hack Your Way To A Lower Electricity Bill [Infographic]

How’s your energy bill faring in this heatwave? Most of us have probably cranked up our air conditioning or upped our daily allotment of cold showers, just to keep from melting.

The truth is that at an average of $163 per month, even regular temperatures mean electricity bills are getting fatter by the day.

Aside from returning to candlelight or abstaining from all electrical appliances, living on the grid requires the consumption of at least some electrical energy. But, according to a new graph from 1 Block Off The Grid, that doesn’t mean you can’t get creative about keeping some of that money in your pocket, rather than the power company’s.

Pictured below are 4 creative ways to hack your way to a lower electricity bill. While not every option will be possible for residents of every state, it’s important for everyone to know they’re available. Consider contacting your state legislators about supporting solar energy incentives so you can use these awesome hacks too!

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Top image via Thinkstock/Infographic via Home Solar Power Discounts - One Block Off the Grid


Ariel Eckblad
Ariel Eckblad2 years ago

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Patricia H.
Patricia H.5 years ago


Angel Campbell
Angel Campbell5 years ago

This is great :)

Magyar Girl
Past Member 5 years ago


Joy Sweatt
Joy s5 years ago

Loving front load washer.....uses so much less water therefore the dryer dries the load faster which uses less power. Wish I had done that years ago.

Dana W.
Dana W5 years ago

Too bad more states (like mine) don't allow prepurchase of electricity.

Pat Morrison
Pat Morris5 years ago

I think it might be cheaper in the long run just to buy the solar panels yourself, then your energy is 'free', at some point when the cost of the panels is paid off. I think you may still be able to get tax-deductions for buying them too. In some states, if you hook up to the grid, the power companies have to buy your excess electricity as well.

Mit Wes
Mit Wes5 years ago

"no pictures..." Well, that's the 5th creative way to lower your electric bill !

Joy Wong
Joy W5 years ago

Noted, thanks.

Pogle S.
Pogle S5 years ago

Useful encouragement to cut mindless consumption, thank you