Haiti Thanks You for Lending A Helping Hand

After a devastating 7.0 magnitude earthquake hit Haiti in January, people around the world quickly came together to aid the underprivileged country in its time of need.

Now, two months after the quake, Oxfam has hit the $100 million mark in donations — money that will go towards the rebuilding of Haiti. We’re pleased to have been one of Oxfam’s partners in raising this much needed support.

Haiti’s President René Préval is in Washington D.C. today, giving thanks to those who have shown compassion for Haiti. The donations received are helping the country to recover — but now it’s time to think about Haiti’s future. Preval suggests donations such as seeds instead of food, so that Haiti can grow its own food.

Thank you to all Care2 members who have helped Haiti. All your efforts, big and small, make a difference. 

Read more about Haiti relief:

How to help Haiti




rose becke
Rose Becke7 years ago

Thanks for this

Tammy Smith
T Zabel7 years ago

I also donated to the ASPCA to help the abandoned & hurt animals in Haiti. I hope it helped.

Jane L7 years ago

You are welcome! Also, the help will continue.

Nellie K A.
Nellie K Adaba7 years ago

Needs more help. The work is not done. It's just beginning.

Vanessa S.
Vanessa S7 years ago

Michael: I was looking for the Haiti click-to-donate button as well. It turns out that it was only a temporary tool to help Oxfam meet their goal. I was dissappointed to see it removed. If you are still looking for free ways to help Haiti, try www.freerice.com
This is a website where you answer educational questions, and for each one that you get right, 10 grains of rice will be donated to the UN's World Food Program to help feed the hungry around the world. This includes Haiti. Another way to continue to help is by going to www.thehungersite.com and clicking on their free click-to-donate button to help feed the hungry in many places including Haiti. Clicking on the free click-to-donate button at www.thechildhealthsite.com will help to provide much needed medical services to children in need. I am not sure if this includes Haiti, but it is a worthwhile cause even if it does not. Another site with a free click-to-donate button that may or may not help Haiti is www.theliteracysite.com. The sponsors of this site team up with the charity First Book to help provide age appropriate books for children who may not get any otherwise. To help Haiti's needy animals, try www.theanimalrescuesite.com, which also contains a free click-to-donate button.
These sites also have free ecards that will generate a donation for each one that you send that gets opened.

Dianne Elko
Past Member 7 years ago

i am proud to have helped

Carol Ann Evans
Past Member 7 years ago

I wish that I could do more for the people of Haiti. I will pray for them.

Richard T.
Richard T7 years ago

It felt good to help by donating but more so by signing petitions calling for the forgiving of all debts to the G-8 nations. Haiti is now in the position of truly making a fresh start and I pray the new Haiti will see all citizens living a better life than before the quake.

Doctor V.
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Sharon Balloch
Sharon Balloch7 years ago

It is great to know we are making a difference..