Haley Barbour Joins Rove Super PAC


The American Crossroads already has a super star founder in former Bush administration adviser Karl Rove, and the political connections to make it a huge power player in the 2012 elections.

Now they have something else to crow about: Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour.

Barbour has been a huge fundraiser for Republicans to date, using his muscle and name to bring in big dollars both for Republican campaigns and the Republican Governor’s Association, which he chairs.  He made many potential GOP presidential candidates nervous while he considered his own run, which had the potential to suck up a lion’s share of campaign donations.

Now, he will bring that fundraising muscle to American Crossroads and American Crossroads GPS, groups that will be using the Citizen’s United unlimited donations ruling to influence the 2012 elections.

With Barbour in the mix, Rove’s group has declared a new 2012 fundraising goal — $240 million.  Just think of all the ads that money can buy.

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Photo credit: GageSkidmore, via Wikimedia commons


William Y.
William Y6 years ago

This definitely shows that 2 wrongs don't make right

Elizabeth Irby
Elizabeth Irby6 years ago

Nasty and Nasty equals Horror. These subhumans have no conscience so what do you get? Misery. As if we need more misery in this country.

Walter G.
Walter G6 years ago

"Haley Barbour Joins Rove Super PAC" Take a look at that face, friends, would you buy a used car form him, or Rove for that matter? Note that the wonderful praise above addresses not one word about benefiting you and I, instead it praises this suit-clad sphincter mussel for maneuvering and manipulating your vote, and praises a combination of power to take the government still further out of the hands of the people. Credit is due in large measure to little, scurrying political cockroaches such as this for the brink of disaster we teeter on today. These are no longer power players, these are maggot-covered political political corpses rotting in the searing sun of public distrust and rejection. In this case one plus one add up to nothing!

Marsha S.
Grover Syck6 years ago

Put 2 slime balls together and you get the crap fed out of you.

Juliet D.
judith sanders6 years ago

Here's the kind of person Barbour is:
In 1963, William L Moore wrote a letter to Mississippi Gov.Ross Barnett opposing segregation and planned to walk his message from Chattanooga, Tn to Jackson, Ms, on April 23, 1963 he was shot in the head twice and killed. Several attempts to deliver this letter resulted in nearly 700 people being arrested and beaten, some fed crushed glass and hit with electric cattle prods... the letter never made it to its destination.
In April 2008 Ellen Johnson and others walked the original letter (given to them by Bill's widow) from Attalla, Alabama to Jackson, Mississippi, in order to bring recognition to William Moore and all the Freedom walkers of 1963.

Dr. Bob Zellner (one of the original Freedom walkers in 1963) attempted to present the letter to the governor of Mississippi, Haley Barbour, on May 6, 2008, ***but the Governor would not meet with them to accept the letter.***

Lynn C.
Lynn C6 years ago

Some good comments. Glad to see the healthy cynicism!

Juliet D.
judith sanders6 years ago

The incarnation of Boss Hawg.

Louise D.
Louise D6 years ago

It's like a pile of super villians all they need is a brain in a jar, a talking gorilla and maybe Count Chocula too. It seems a shallow observation, but… the the Rove Super PAC are not an attractive lot, are they? I mean, if all those people were born in the same town, you'd blame pollution, wouldn't you?

Ray M.
Ray M6 years ago

Those despicable creatures sure are afraid of the re-election of Pres. Obama. They can't wait for the neo-cons to regain power so they can destroy this country further into the ditch of despair.

roy m.
Roy Phillips6 years ago

is it just me or do a lot of these Grand Old Tea Partiers look like their Preparation H has stopped working?