Harmonized Vaccination Schedule for Canada?

The United States has a harmonized vaccination schedule that is used across the country. While parents can request an alternative schedule, the recommendations and standard procedures are the same nationwide. In Canada, however, the schedule is currently different in each of the provinces and territories.

The Canadian Pediatric Society (CPS) has been requesting a harmonized immunization schedule for quite some time and has issued a renewed call to action. According to CPS, the need for harmonization is critical because of the increasing schedule complexity, increased number of recommended vaccines, and increased movement of people from one part of the country to another. CPS is concerned that the divergent schedules will result in some children missing vaccinations due to schedule differences. Although not mentioned by CPS, the risk of children receiving double vaccinations may also be a risk. In addition to the safety factor, CPS also calls the current system inequitable, with children in some provinces having access to vaccinations that children in other provinces do not.

Harmonizing the vaccination schedules in Canada will certainly help to alleviate the concerns that CPS has raised. However, it may not address the concerns of parents and doctors who feel that the current vaccine recommendations are too aggressive.  In the United States, Dr. Bob Sears’ The Vaccine Book provides parents with information to “make the right decision for their child.” He provides parents with information on the benefits and risks of the recommended vaccines and also on the risks of the diseases themselves. He then provides parents with two alternative vaccination schedules to consider if they don’t want to use the schedule recommended by the government: a delayed schedule (which spreads vaccines out further, so that children don’t get as many vaccines during such a short period of time) and a selective schedule (which leaves out some of the less critical vaccines). While parents do have the option to opt-out of some of the vaccines or to request that they be delayed, parents face a lot of pressure from doctors to follow the government-prescribed schedule.

If the Government of Canada, the provincial and territorial governments, and the Canadian Pediatric Society were to work on harmonizing the schedules, they may wish to consider offering alternative schedules to parents as well on request. Those alternative schedules could come with vaccination passports that clearly indicate (e.g. with a different colour) which schedule the child is on and indicate the dates for those vaccinations. That type of harmonized hybrid approach would alleviate the problems of the current disjointed system, while also providing more room for families to determine, in consultation with their doctor, which schedule is best for their child.

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bj. shaw
bj. shaw7 years ago

This is a step in the right direction as long as parents have the right to opt out.

John Doe
james rico7 years ago

they should also be able to reject vaccines as they see fit to do so

Kerrie W.
Kerrie Waldron7 years ago

A step in the right direction. Some kids are OK with vaccines. Some crash and burn into encephalitis and subsequent Epilepsy, Autism etc. Some adults are OK. Some adults crash and burn into Guillaume Barre, Alzheimers etc. NO medical procedure is free of risk for all.
With dozens of idiotic vaccines (like drug syringes and sexually transmitted HepB on the day of birth !!!Even though it needs a booster by age 12.......think about it......) and chicken pox or mumps (dangerous for adults but mild in kids..... which vaccination has now pushed into older age groups...think about it.....) or proposed vaccines for acne, depression, AIDS, obesity, West Nile Virus etc etc (kid you not).............is anyone STILL silly enough to believe it's for our health instead of Bigpharma Wealth?

Watch Dr Hilleman (Head of Mercke Vaccine Division) discussing how vaccines introduced AIDS and cancer virus 40 into humans and how it's "bargain basement " cheap for Bigpharma to produce and the Government indemnifies them for death (SIDS) and injury thus caused.............


Barbara Erdman
Barbara Erdman7 years ago

very good article thanx :)

Annick Letourneau

I use the brain God gave me... and my kids receive no vaccin!
It's a choice! Vaccin have side effects, they can kill and create health problems... Much documentation on that!
Vaccin is a big business... of money!$!$!

Alex H.
Alex H7 years ago

Thank goodness for doctors like Bob Sears!At least he informs parents of side-effects!It is very interesting that children with health insurance,presumably from well-off,more educated and well-researched levels of society,have dropping vaccination rates!Maybe their parents have made an INFORMED decision on the thorny issue!There are many other ways to stay healthy beside toxic injections planted straight into the bloodstream and bypassing the normal immune defences!Can you imagine what that does to your major organs??The lies about Doctor Wakefield and his findings continue despite at least two other studies in the USA and Ireland finding the same outcomes ie:autistic children with vaccine strain measles growing in their bowels!As for the attempt to force health workers to have vaccinations,this is a breach of human rights because everyone has the right to choose their own individual form of preventative healthcare,that suits them.In my own situation,having already had three life-threatening reactions to vaccines,at ages 6,18 and 42,I could never have anymore as it would probably kill me!!There must be many more like me,and two of my elderly friends who have lost 25% of their heart muscle function,after seriously adverse reactions to flu/pneumococcal shots!Is "Big Pharma"trying to kill old people?I'll leave you to ponder the real agenda!???

Deanne P.
Deanne Perry7 years ago

I'm astonished that Canada is that disorganised.
It should adopt the same approach as the US and Australia.

Those of you that don't want to vacinate your kids, I guess that's your choice.

I've seen people who had polio - not only can it leave you with paralysed muscles (pity if it's the diaphragm) but you have a shortened life-span due to 'post polio syndrome'.

And those postings about how measles and the other childhood diseases can kill are true. Babies die from whooping cough even in western countries where there is insufficient herd immunity in the community.

And have you seen what tetanus can do?

I use the brain God gave me and support immunisation.

Jennifer Martin
Jennifer M7 years ago

It's up to the parents! I will not vaccinate my children. That's nobody's choice but mine. I will not have the government telling my how to raise my children! And I don't trust drug companies one bit. I FULLY agree with Steve R!!

Scott L.
Scott L7 years ago

Vaccines cause brain damage including autism and other serious health problems.

Alastair L.
Alastair L7 years ago

@Lyn Miller
My comment below was in response to your comment two below.

Did you know influenza virus killed more WWI servicemen that armaments?

It doesn't therefore follow that vaccinations against flu have any efficacy, that requires a medical breakthrough, medical trials and scientific review, which are sadly lacking in the case of the so called 'flu vaccines' being forced on our "at risk" population.