Harp Seal Pups Slated for Death at Aquarium

Two six-month-old harp seal pups are slated to be killed on September 15, when the Aquarium des Iles in Quebec closes for the season.

The two pups, Zak and Mika, were taken from the wild this spring by Canada’s Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO-MPO) and accepted by the aquarium for display for the summer. Aquarium officials took the seals, even though they knew the seals would not be released again at the end of the season and would be destroyed in the name of ‘research.’

“We are almost speechless by this aquarium’s loathsome and self-serving attitude towards wildlife. While we do not condone wild animals held in captivity, a responsible aquarium will, at the very least, provide year-round habitats,” stated the Island Wildlife Natural Care Centre (IWNCC), which is campaigning to save the lives of these two young seals.

The supposed reason they won’t be released is a potential for contamination, but the IWNCC points out that captive seal pups at other facilities in Eastern Canada will be set free.

It’s heartbreaking that the DFO is not only capturing newborn wild animals for public display, but that the seals were selfishly taken in by individuals who knew they would be senselessly killed simply to increase profits, which some continue to thoughtlessly contribute to.



Please sign the IWNCC’s petition asking that these seal pups be spared from being senselessly killed.


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Duane B.
.6 years ago

Thank you for sharing.

Manel Dias
Manel Dias6 years ago

These seal pups do not /did not deserve to die. The Canadian Morons who are publicly ruthlessly abusing animals are the ones who should be put to that same situation.

Kate A.
Kate A6 years ago

Good news! Pups shouldn't have to die, there's other alternatives

melissa amatuccio

I cannot believe that there is such cruelty in this world. These beautiful creatures are worth everything!! All creatures are worth everything! I wish that what people do to animals happens to them. I fully feel this way! I don't have compassion for those who do not have compassion for animals. We need to stand up and protect all animals...

Silvio C.
Silvio C6 years ago

It's to much cruelty to preserve life at life expenses even more when the species are at the edge close to extinction.

Linda Bowman
Linda Bowman6 years ago

I have never heard of such cruelty ,my good sense tells me to boycott anything to do with the seals ,we should leave them alone.Mother nature will get you in the back for this and I willhave no part of it.

Thomas C.
Tom C6 years ago

Let them go!! This is another SICK example of some for profit ONLY
organization capturing an animal out of its natural environment and
then trying to play the "OH we are the ULTIMATE intelligence we
know EVERYTHING,we can't release them again because they
would contaminate the wild". REALLY!!!??? Let's see.........Can
nature take care of ITSELF??!!! How many thousands of species
were here LONG before man??!! But here is the ultimate proof...
How many untouched species in the wild DESTROY their only
food source(s), poison their water,etc.,and continually find ways to
DESTROY natural balance??!! Answer.. Nature=0 Man=infinity!!
RELEASE THEM !! Even if they do die in the wild,then that is
natures NATURAL BALANCE, so quit trying to MESS

Tammy Andrews
Tammy Andrews6 years ago

I hope they did not kill the 2 seals.

Muriel Servaege
Muriel S6 years ago

Horrible! I feel horrified!

Torah Alabidi
Torah Wolf6 years ago

How do you know this Aquarium will keep their word? I hope it is true that they are releasing these animals back into their own natural inhabitant. They should film it so all people can enjoy watching the seals go free.