Harper Government Fights Dirty Against Election Lawsuits

The Conservative Party has appealed the May 18 court decision to void the results of the federal election in Etobicoke Centre and they are also taking steps to kill lawsuits in seven other ridings.

These lawsuits, all in ridings where robocalls are rumored to have occurred in an attempt to suppress the vote, are each backed by the Council of Canadians. The Council of Canadians is a 25-year-old organization that is well respected across the country for pushing for progressive policies on fair trade, energy security, public health care and other issues. The Council is currently running a campaign against the proposed Keystone XL pipeline (something the Harper government has been lobbying heavily for) and a campaign against the Conservatives’ proposed budget, which makes sweeping changes to environmental assessment, pensions and employment insurance among other things.

Although the Council of Canadians is not an actual litigant in the seven lawsuits, which were filed by affected voters, they are underwriting the suits, and the Conservatives have decided to focus their attack on the council.

Lawyers for the Tories say that the Council of Canadians are ‘professional agitators’ who hate the Conservatives and are trying to take down the government. (They actually also accuse the opposing lawyer of trying to destroy the party).

This is not the first time the government has moved to silence dissenting voices. Vic Toews, the Minister of Public Safety, told the House of Commons that to not support the government’s online surveillance bill was to support child pornographers, environmental groups fighting the Northern Gateway Pipeline were dismissed as radicals who don’t take facts into account, and many members of the opposition have been accused of being unpatriotic or not supporting the troops for asking questions about what’s happening at National Defense.

Of course, their biggest criticism of the Official Opposition NDP is that they answer to their ‘big labor bosses,’ which is the same beef they have with the Council of Canadians. The court submission includes an affidavit from another lawyer who connected council board members with unions. The submission says the council “is of like mind with labour union elites.”

Meanwhile, Conservative spokesperson Fred DeLorey is quoted as saying that the Council of Canadians has been focused on destroying the Conservative Party since it was formed — which would be strange considering the current iteration of the Conservative didn’t exist in 1985, and didn’t form government until 2006.

The complaints have been filed by nine different voters. The seven ridings with elections being challenged are:

Yukon, Nipissing-Timiskaming in Ontario, Elmwood-Transcona in Manitoba, Saskatoon-Rosetown-Biggar, Winnipeg South Centre, Don Valley East in Toronto and Vancouver Island North.

The largest vote margin among the ridings is 3 percent in Vancouver Island North, with each of the other ridings seeing a margin of 1.3 percent or less. Elections Canada is still investigating the robocalls, having received more than 1,100 complaints from voters.

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Photo Credit: Peter Blanchard


Sandra K.
Sandra T5 years ago

Speaking of other political parties coming together, and Canadians who are truly committed in coming together to try & get this goon & his minions out of Canadian government, check out leadnow.ca immediately. We are all at a very important crossroads here & badly need to push together to oust Steven Harper OUT of government. This should have happened when the assmonkey was shutting down parliament on his personal whims, but better late than never. We are the only ones who can save this country.

Sandra K.
Sandra T5 years ago

Satan Harper continues to do his very best to undermine every shred of democracy in this country. I despise this man like no other. This is somebody who blows off the UN when they enter our country concerned about food security for all Canadians. This is the first time ever the UN has come knocking on the door of a developed nation with these very serious concerns. Then we've got the fact that Satan Harper just shuts down parliament any time he feels like it. Vic Toews, his evil twin, is hell bent on pushing through all sorts of bills which will lead to widespread surveillance of Canadians anywhere they go. Even our Internet usage will be monitored much like it is in other dictatorships around the world. Canadians were already having our conversations recorded at border crossings, etc without the government saying one word about it. The first we heard about this was on the news saying those recordings would be temporarily halted.

This Canadian prime minister & his cronies are pure evil. They are doing everything possible to ensure that Canada's democratic system of government is eroded from under us, and doing their very best to keep that fact from us. Steven Harper has got to GO! And Vic Toews should never again be elected to any government position. These two sick puppies are a very real danger to Canada & every Canadian, present & future. They literally are killing this country & our people. Neither can be trusted. If he continues in government, dogs fo

Albert Hoffman
Albert Hoffman5 years ago

It seems no matter the country, conservatives will do anything to push their agenda.

Raeshawn Parsons
Raeshawn Parsons5 years ago

I think I can sum this up: Harper is killing the people in support of oil and big corp. . There, that was easy.

Michelle Staples
Michelle Staples5 years ago

Get out your "Harper = Bush" signs. He should see them wherever he goes! What an Ahole.

Linda McKellar
Past Member 5 years ago

Harper sucks.

Bob P.

no surprise

Steven Jones
Steven L Jones5 years ago

The Harper conservatives are the instrument of big business. Big multinational business. They do not respect democracy and only want to push they're agenda down everyone's throat. They are gutting environmental law and attacking trade unions and want to push internet spying laws. But when only 61% of the electorate choose to vote and most of those do not understand what the party policies are, then perhaps we deserve Harper. Democracy requires participation and awareness to work. Not what's in it for me.

Troy G.
Troy Grant5 years ago

Fighting dirty is what conservatives do best. And they're proud of it.

Liz Edwards
Joan Edwards5 years ago

Amie K. Let me try to sum it up. Only 40% of Canadians voted. Dismal turnout. And of course all the rich fat cats voted for Harperius. He is one of them. So half of the 40% voted him in, the rich half. That was enough to get him elected. Stupid elections. And on top of that we had the robo calls or whatever they're called.
The rest of the 40% did not vote for Harperius, but because only a handful actually voted at all this is what we get: Harper with a superiority complex as big as his ass. He and his cronies are running Canada into the ground. We are decaying.
A lot of young people seem to not be interested in our politics, let alone getting out and voting. They feel overwhelmed and wonder what's the point. They are down before they even get up. I've talked to a lot of young people about it and they feel like we're doomed and there's no use in voting. It's rigged anyway. Well, kids: it's up to you! It's your future at stake here and you need to do something about it. GET OUT AND VOTE Get rid of the scumbag once and for all. I still believe that a union (no pun intended) of NDP and the Green Party would put Canada back on its feet.
Of course there's big money to be made at the oil sands and through the pipelines, so a lot of young people who are broke and need the money (because their jobs have been slashed somewhere else) will take up the jobs of fracking and pipe laying. Not realizing the detriment they are causing because they have fallen under the spell of "The Harper