Harvey Milk Day Resurrected?

Sean Penn, who won Best Actor at this year’s Academy Awards for his role in “Milk” a biopic on the life of gay politician Harvey Milk, is pushing to have a bill revived that would designate the 22nd of May Harvey Milk Day in California.

This comes after Governor Schwarzenegger vetoed the bill last year claiming that, whilst Harvey Milk should be honored in San Francisco, where he became the first openly gay elected official to the area, his story did not have wide enough appeal to institute a state-wide celebration. It seems that Penn believes Harvey Milk’s appeal might have broadened somewhat since the release of the Oscar winning film.

The History of the Harvey Milk Bill
State Senator Mark Leno first introduced the bill back in February of 2008. It was called AB 2567 and was to “encourage public schools and educational institutions to conduct suitable commemorative exercises on that date,” in order to educate pupils about Milk’s life, his historic rise to a place of power, and his tragic murder.

In the Assembly, the bill passed with a convincing 45-23 vote. The Senate then voted, and although closer, the bill for a Harvey Milk Day, AB 2567, passed with a vote of 23-13 through the Senate. It was then vetoed by Governor Schwarzenegger on the 30th of September 2008.

There had been considerable vocal opposition from anti-gay groups and religious conservatives who were of the opinion that this bill was a way to push a “homosexual agenda” on children, given the man Harvey Milk was and his liberal attitudes to sex, gender identity and his derisive opinions of organized religion.   

At the time, Equality California, who had also sponsored the bill, released a statement showing their disappointment at the veto of AB 2576:

“Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s veto of this bill is a disappointment to thousands and thousands of Californians who regard Harvey Milk as a national hero. This is a sad reminder of the lack of understanding of both the LGBT community and of the impact of Harvey Milk. As one of the first openly gay leaders in this country, Milk inspired Americans in every corner of our nation to stand proud in the face of adversity, and he gave his life in the pursuit of equality. This fall, his story will be celebrated in movie theatres nationwide as a tribute to a legacy that extends far beyond California.”
-EQCA Executive Director Geoff Kors

The revival of the bill comes during an important week for California State and the gay rights movement as a whole as a legal challenge is launched against Proposition 8. Considering this, should Proposition 8 be overturned, the synergy of the two events might be an appropriate way to commemorate the life of civil rights beacon Harvey Milk. After all, mindful that an assassination attempt was possible, Harvey Milk said in a speech just days before his death, a speech that resonates powerfully now:

“If a bullet should enter my brain, let that bullet destroy every closet door.”

Photo used under the Creative Commons Attribution License with thanks to Sadsnaps.


Andrea Tackett
Andrea Tackett7 years ago

No, there should not. & I'm glad the governor declined it. It's amazing the vileness we have crammed down our throats in the name of 'equality' & 'freedom.' America is quickly becoming the new Sodom.

Flor Gonzalez
Flor Gonzalez8 years ago

I love Harvey Milk. Has anybody seen his movie? I love the movie too. I have m respect for that man. He sure did made a difference for all the gays and lesbians in the united states.

Alice B.
Alice B8 years ago

Harvey Milk is a true American hero - and an international role model. Of COURSE we should ALL celebrate May 22nd all across the country! It's no surprise that a former body-builder like Schwartzenegger who no doubt took steroids and spent so much time in tiny little swim trunks, posing for the multitudes, would have SERIOUS body issues like HOMOPHOBIA. What a total jerk!!! Typical Repulsive - as I call the Republican leadership: a hypocrite as well as an eejit.