Has Romney “Turned The Tide” On The War On Women?

The results of last week’s CBS poll, which claimed likely Republican Presidential nominee Mitt Romney had suddenly surged ahead of President Barack Obama when it came to women voters, had some pundits scratching their heads.  Others, however, declared that meant the Republican “War on Women” could be dismissed — there was no such thing, and if there was, Romney had obviously overcome it.

So, do women suddenly prefer Romney to Obama?  Probably not.  Analysis from Robert J. Vickers at the Patriot News likely hits the nail on the head — women are feeling better about Romney simply because he’s no longer trying to be as anti-women as the rest of the GOP field.  “[I]t’s more likely that Romney’s numbers have improved among women since nearly all of his competition has withdrawn from the GOP nomination race,” writes Vickers.  “‘What you’re seeing nationally is Republican females coming back on board with Romney now that he’s the nominee,’ said Jim Lee, president of Susquehanna Polling & Research.”

The idea is that now that Romney has the pesky nomination under his belt, he can stop touting “social values” necessary to win over the GOP, and focus instead on the economy.  It’s a gambit that’s likely to work.  The latest ABC/Washington Post polling shows that the gender gap in their polls have narrowed as well, and Romney has taken a nearly 20 point gap and changed it into a 7 percent one.

Can Romney speak to women on an economic footing?  So far, the GOP is having a hard time fine tuning their message to women under the age of 50, possibly because they realize how poor their stances are on reproductive health, health care, education and equal pay.  At this point “cut the taxes and the debt” doesn’t entirely ring with the majority of women of America.

But if they ever can figure out the right message, and the social conservatives could learn to bite their tongues, women could be won over.  They just need to remember it isn’t the end of the war, just likely a ceasefire.


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Nanci B.
Nanci B.5 years ago

"On my first day in office I will end Planned Parenthood"...no, Mr Romney, I won't forget how anti-woman you are and how you say anything to get elected !

Maria M.
Maria M5 years ago

He's only pretending to 'turn the tides'. If any woman votes for him, not only is she gullible, she'll be voting against her own best interests.

Lynda Harrison
Lynda Harrison5 years ago

No woman in their right mind could possibly believe that a leopard could change its spots. Mr. Bendy Boots truly has not "turned the tide", he's just learned to lie more convincingly, but anyone with a fully functioning brain knows he's out for himself and those one percenters and the rest of us can go hang!

paul grabenstein
paul grabenstein5 years ago

There are people who, in social interactions, operate best within a distinct hierarchy.

They are the most eager participants of juvenile gangs, fraternities, political parties, organized crime and war.

They adopt certain views driven by a desire to fit in with what they see as a strong hierarchical power structure; and for them, being second class is better than being third class.

Charles P.
Charles P5 years ago

I am not sexist. However, when women begin falling for willards b.s., it is time to satrt wondering about their i.q.'s. Is there anyone out there who thinks that willie is going to better the lot of women as a group? Does anyone believe that Ann Romney deseerves great recognition because she raised 5 kids and had to overcome a debilitating physical condition? She had millions of bucks to back her in her troubles. How about the single moms with the deadbeat dads who have had to do it all on 30 k a year. These are the people the dems should be talking about.

Dennis Warren

I think what rmoney assumes when it's mentioned that he's "turned the tide" is that his wife has switched from All to Tide, so that his mommy jeans will look a little cleaner. If he's a true mormon, then he'll NEVER want any woman as his equal, and they will ALL be bearing children till their uterus no longer is able. Fuck him, fuck the media people who let him lie at will and refuse to challenge him, and fuck the rethugs/teahadists/fundies who are STILL waging not only a war on women, but on people of color, the poor, undocumented immigrants, students, the "other", and the rest of the 99%. If he gets anywhere near the WH, unless you're a 1%er, kiss your ass goodbye. NEVER VOTE RETHUG!

Luvenia V.
Luvenia V5 years ago

I keep hearing there is a war ON Religion and thinking people know that is a lie. However I must say I believe that there is a war WITH Religion going on. As in most wars there is an offense and a defense. The people on the offense for whatever reason chose to attack someone or some group they disagree with and the people on the defense are FORCED to defend themselves or be captured.

The Religious have started this war and true Americans have gone on the defense. MOST thinking Americans could care less how you worship or who you worship just as long as your worship does NOT infringe on OUR freedoms and rights. The Religious are fighting for power they have NO right to, not here in a Republic. They have tried for complete control and yes we WILL fight them to the end to stop that control.

This war with Religion was started BY the Religious leaders and only when they back off trying for a dictatorship will it stop. Freedom is not free and we will fight for it even if it means fighting Religion.

Leslie w.
Leslie w5 years ago

I'm amazed that these issues are still issues. This party that claims to want less government wants to take away women's basic rights and they're gaining support by tying it to gun control. I see otherwise intelligent (I use that term loosely) people scream about prying their guns from their cold dead hands while letting their daughters' futures go to hell. Talk about your sheeple! I have the good fortune to volunteer with college students at a Camp for people with disabilities every summer and you can bet I'll be on my soap box. If nothing else, I will implore them to vote. I think it was vote apathy that got us in to this mess in the first place.

nancy b.
Nancy B5 years ago

i am older and hopefully a bit wiser. i don't believe for a second that he or the republican party have changed their views on the "war on women". after realizing that it will cost the party votes, i believe they are sidestepping the issue, deciding to keep their mouths closed so that they will get votes. and any woman who votes for him must have zero respect for herself and stupid. i just cannot find any other reason why a woman would vote for a party that thinks women are second class citizens.

Danuta Watola
Danuta W5 years ago

thanks for sharing