Health Care Reform? Shout ‘em Down

“Shout ‘em down.” Whether it’s a manufactured, sponsored display or an honest reaction to a particular policy, it is a scare tactic, meant to intimidate and quell true debate. 

“I’m sick of the whole health care reform debate.” It’s a growing sentiment, usually coming from those who have a sense of security about their own health and health care insurance policies. “I’ve got mine — you get yours.”  

A report from the National Academy of Sciences indicates that health insurance is essential for health and well-being. In areas where the rate of uninsured is particularly high, the financial impact on providers negatively affects the quality and cost of services for the entire community; even those with insurance are not likely to get satisfactory care. The report also says that our current safety nets are not up to the task of preventing avoidable illnesses. 

“We can’t afford to reform health care in this economy.” We’ve been talking about the need for reform for decades, and while we keep giving in to the “time is not right” folks, the problem continues to grow, creating more uninsured and underinsured Americans. Those with good insurance are paying the price of inaction through their own premiums and deductibles, or at their employers’ expense — stagnating wages and stifling business.

The deep recession is evidence that we are bound together by our shared economy, and health care is part of it. Even if you are happy with your current health care situation, you are not immune to the negative impact of the problem that surrounds you.

“Shout ‘em down.” No need for facts or an exchange of ideas when you can just shout down those who have ideas contrary to your own. Make up a frightening scenario that will force grandma off to the cemetery and frame it as fact. Then shout it loud and shout it often. Fear and intimidation are powerful weapons.

Passionate disagreement on the issue is one thing. Denying others the chance to speak is another.

From the Petition Site:

Fighting Cancer Requires Health Care Reform

People with Diabetes Need Health Care Reform

We Need Health Care Reform Now Because…



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