Health Insurance, “I’ve Got Mine”

Am I my neighbor’s keeper? I have health insurance. You get yours.

According to a report from the National Academy of Sciences, health insurance is essential for health and well-being.

The report also indicates that our current safety nets are not up to the task of preventing avoidable illnesses.

In areas where the rate of uninsured is particularly high, the financial impact on providers negatively affects the quality and cost of services for the entire community so that even those with insurance are not likely to get satisfactory care.

As much as we Americans like to consider ourselves to be independent of each other, there’s no escaping the reality that we are bound together by our shared economy. Health care is one portion of that economy.

Maybe you didn’t sign on for a bad mortgage, but your home value dropped anyway; you didn’t buy a gas guzzler, but energy prices are eating away at your budget; you didn’t engage is a fraudulent stock market scheme, but your net worth plummeted; and even if you feel safe in an employer-provided group heath insurance policy, the quality and cost of your health care ARE affected by forces outside your control.

It’s time for us, as a nation, to stop the “I’ve got mine” train of thought. The number of Americans without health insurance is growing as unemployment rises. My neighbor’s plight may become my own.

The uninsured and the underinsured come from all walks of life. They are the poor, middle-class, children, adults, elderly, employed, unemployed, taxpayers, citizens, chronically ill, and disabled. They are you and me. Most came to be in this predicament through no fault of their own.

I may not be my neighbor’s keeper, but what happens to my neighbor has a direct impact on what happens to me.

All Americans have a stake in health care reform. We are not giving up our independence… we are not abandoning what it means to be an American… by coming together for the common good and providing proper health care for all.


W. C
W. C10 months ago


William C
William C10 months ago

Thank you.

Gregory P.
Gregory P9 years ago

As already proven, America's health care quality is far from the best in the world, but is by far the costliest to the average citizen. In order to understand the reasons for this, look it up to see who a few of the top lobbyist groups in Washington happen to be. America doesn't like to be reminded of its gangster and mobster past, but guess whose pockets all these billions for prescriptions and doctors are filling.

Christina Copland

I think the "I've got mine mentality" should have the option to be left with that plan. let them experience that in a place all together and left to thier own similar policies and see how long that lasts for them. Good luck with that and the insurance companies policies as is.

Then when you have a great illness or a family member does, or you switch jobs and have get anew policy some where else and oh yeah maybe now have a preexisiting condition , see where that great plan/insurance company leaves you after something like that. Good luck... you'll need it, but...

you don't want to support those who need that kind of help now, fine, opt out of that and don't expect to recieve similar help if your circumstances change in the future and that insurance company all of the sudden starts screwing you like it is everyone else right now.

Opt out now, but for ever and hold your peace.
Good luck, me I'll go with the brother's keeper plan. I pray I don't find myself in that situation, Thanks.

Jan P.
Janice P9 years ago

I am an RN, working for the largest health care provider in the country. Yet, were my husband or I to get chronically or terminally ill, the health insurance I have through my employer would not be enough! We would be rendered paupers.

Jeremy S.
Jeremy S9 years ago

I have a traumatic brain injury, Crohn's disease, and a malformed foot, so government-backed health insurance can't come too soon!

Lana R.
Lana R9 years ago

It is an outrage than we DO NOT have health care in the USA that would be preventive which bring the cost down. Instead we just wait till the man, woman or child is so ill they go bankrupt or lose everything they have.

We must get rid of the insurance companies as they have been stealing so much and everything has to be approved which they say no life threatening illnesses because of the cost. The ill have no where to turn and many die or get worse. Are we not a christian country ? Yes you say then show me!
The only plan that will work is HB 676 Don't allow the rich and DC tell you anything other than that. We seem to find the money to kill people, why can't we help our own ? Most services are done on an out patient basis in one day as that is all the greedy insurance companies will approve.
Remember HB 676,it may save your life or someone's that you love

Kelly Allen
Kelly Allen9 years ago

Health Insurance is everyones business! Trust me, I understand this far more now that I live in Germany than when I did in the US (And for the 4 to 5 years I was un-insured!)....

And the thing that made it most clear, most vclear, that our system needs to be overhauled and restructured was the accident my mom had while visiting! She broke her ankle in two places, needed emergency surgery and then I had to listen while my parents worried and had to to contact their insurance to find out of she could have the second MUCH NEEDED surgery here in Germany, or if they would have to risk her health,her foot and their whole life savings bringing her home, because she was "Out of the area of coverage"....

We were lucky, they covered it.. and Mom's okay... But I can not imagine what goes on when something happens and you DO NOT have insurance.... Except pray that the emergency room takes you in time and then the Bankruptcy courts help you when you can not pay the incredible bill that you now have.....

I have bad teeth and one missing because I did not have insurance.... I avoided the doctor and dentist because I could not... The waiting list for the dental school practices was weeks long! And I was lucky... I was healthy....

But I wonder what the costs to me, my work and you my neighbors were and are, when those who do not have, have to have care....

It is our business... And a healthy population is one that can do anything!

Claudia Purdon-clark

The whole system needs revamped starting with insurance companies and pharmaceuticals. I wonder what those CEOs make a year? Meanwhile, the worker bees (nurses and assistants) are not getting raises and are being pressured to take on larger patient loads which means less individual care for the patients. Insurance companies run hospitals. They dictate how long a patient stays and the care they receive. Government needs to investigate those corporations. I'd be willing to bet the fringe benefits for top officials in Pharmaceuticals and Health Insurance is equivalent to those in Auto and Banking. Make them accountable for the raping of the system.