Heart Warming: Ron and Anthony’s Wedding (VIDEO)


No doubt a future YouTube sensation, here is a video trailer that sirenophotography.com just released of same-sex couple Ron and Anthony’s special day.

According to the video description the wedding took place in January in NYC with the couple’s friends and family in attendance, many of whom talk about their love for the couple in this gorgeous trailer. Enjoy!


You can see beautiful stills of Ron and Anthony’s big day at the Sireno Photography Facebook page here.

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Image taken from the trailer, no infringement intended. All rights go to Sireno Photography.


Manuela B.
Manuela B6 years ago

I wish them the best of everything in their marriage....i can't help it but a minimal part of me does not agree with it....0000.1% very very minimal maybe it's just the way i was raised.

Sheri P.
Sheri P7 years ago

who am i to judge? i think it's heartwarming to hear a happy love story...

Andrea A.
Andrea A7 years ago

Wishing them the best!

Pat W.
Pat W7 years ago

well put Tish L.

Christopher C.
Chris C7 years ago

Congratulations to both Ron And Anthony! What a beautiful ceremony and couple they make! Makes me remember my wedding day to my partner back in 2008. We were married on the day of our 13th Anniversary of being together. This year it'll be 17 years and 4 years being married. He's still the highlight of my every day!

I wish all the same to Ron and Anthony! :-)

Glenna Jones-kachtik
Glenna Kachtik7 years ago

Sandy E - they can however adopt children in some states. Many times they adopt those who are not adoptable by others. I guess, just like YOU, they can name their children anything they wish too.
My Church accepts LGBTQ people & some of them have families. Those children are just as well adjusted as those kids who are from 2 straight parents. The kids are in dance, they are in drama, they are in the Science club & the Math club. They are super smart & best of all, they are - both the ones from gay families & those from straight families - tolerant. They accept people who are different from them because they know what it feels like to be shunned. You, on the other hand, with your rigid "God hates homosexuals" would deny their parents the same civil rights that you have. I will take those tolerant kids from my religion over those kids who deny others rights; who ridicule, belittle & bully - anytime. Bet Jesus would too.

Christopher C.
Chris C7 years ago

Sandy E said: "It is not natural at all. I wonder what they will name their children.OOOPS. They can't have children."

Sandy, is this your feeble attempt at sarcasm in the name of Jesus?

Robert O.
Robert O7 years ago

How nice to see. I wish them all the best of health and happiness! For the ignorant homophobes posting their vitriolic hate rhetoric here, just remember all people deserve the same constitutional rights because all people are equal. Equal rights are not the exclusive domain of holier than thou, bible thumping religious conservatives, as the GOP would want you to believe.

Sharon H.
Sharon H7 years ago

I'm just getting around to this and can honestly say it was one of the most uplifting videos I've ever watched. These two wonderful people and their families made me smile from ear to ear. One thing...I don't envy the women who were wearing those high heels! My feet were groaning just looking at them!

As far as having children goes, they can and do adopt and make wonderful parents. For those of you who are so judgmental here, I agree with the others in everything they said to you. While I don't believe in the typical version of heaven and hell, I think there is some kind of penalty that has to be paid after death and yours with your hate and condemnation, is sure to be a heavy one.

Past Member 7 years ago

Glenna J. --

Alas, I, too, sometimes fall into the trap of attempting to have rational discourse with people the likes of Carol B. (along with Geneva F., Sandy E. and others of their ilk) -- an utterly pointless and futile endeavor, because these people are NOT rational.

For they are not only totally divorced from evidence-based reality -- but deny it outright (and add further insult to injury by attacking those of us whose world views ARE informed by empiricism).

The critical challenge is to keep the contagion of stark mental illness from which these people suffer (most by choice, incidentally) from spreading. Fortunately, these True Believers have been losing their following amongst young people at an accelerating rate; therefore over time, their numbers will fall exponentially. The biggest caveat may be that they are relentless -- and, in general, possess large numbers of weapons; when was the last time a pro-choice supporter murdered someone for opposing a woman's right to reproductive choice? And they [almost always] call themselves "Christians."